So, I don't really know where this is going to go, I'm writing it mainly because I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil lately... so I hope you enjoy it though.

"Listen to me, we are going to survive this! I don't give a damn whether or not you are strong enough, you are coming with us." Emily shouted at her younger sister Clara. 

"Emily, I'm too young, I'll only hold you back. Go on, leave me." Clara said as tears streamed down her face. 

Emily stormed out of her sister's room, leaving her alone and defenseless. Clara looked out the window and stood there in fear. Outside the Yearling's home was a horde of people that they had once known. Now they were different; one week ago something had happened causing the people infected to suddenly become violently ill. Once the illness had killed them, they came back from the dead. Clara quickly closed the curtains and walked away from the window. She walked over to a corner of her room and broke down. 

Just one week ago, Clara had started her junior year in high school and was the captain of her school's volleyball team. Now, everyone and everything she had lived for, was gone. Clara had hopes that this year would have been great, but so far, it wasn't the greatest year of her life. 

"Get away from our house you bastards!" Her mother shouted before shooting her gun.

Clara jumped in fright when she heard the gunshots go off. She slowly picked herself up. As she went to open her the door to her room, her sister came rushing in, shuting the door and then locking it.

"Emily," she paused, "what's g... going on down there?" Clara observed her sister's face and her expressions didn't look the greatest. 

Emily took Clara's hand and slipped a pistol into her palm. "Here, take this. You're going to need it." 

Clara held the gun, her hand trembeling at the weight of it. She then looked up at her sister and looked back down. "Where's mom and dad?"

The two sisters heard more shooting, then the sound of a door being broken down. Emily swallowed hard and then looked at her sister. "They're protecting us, that's all." She smiled.

Emily slowly walked over to the window and looked out of it. Their nice and quiet suburban neighborhood had been transformed into the pitt of Hell. Cars were flipped over and burning, blood was splattered on the nice white fences of the homes, and the undead ravaged the streets. Emily closed the curtains and walked over to her sister again, her overall goal was to keep her sister as calm as possible. 

"Listen Clara, I'm here and I'm not going to let anything happen to you, I promise. Our ride will be here soon and then we'll be safe, I guarentee it." Emily said, quickly looking over her shoulder.

Clara's smile, soon turned into a look of fear when the gunshots stopped and the screaming began. Emily turned around and walked over to the door, listening to what was going on. She put her hand in front of her mouth to muffle her cries. Clara and Emily's parents had just been killed. 

"Clara, I want you to stay right here. Don't move and don't make a single noise, we're gonna be alright." Emily said as she grabbed her uzi and left her sister's room. 

Emily walked slowly over to the balcony and gripped her gun with both hands, and slowly placed her finger on the trigger. "This for my Mom and Dad you bastards!" Emily pulled the trigger and held it, bullets flew everywhere. The shells hit the floor, making a ping noise. Windows broke and blood splattered all over the walls. Bullet holes decorated the room along with the blood that streamed down the walls. Emily breathed heavily, her hand trembling as she let her finger off the trigger. 

"Clara, it's safe now. You can come out." Emily said turning back to her sister's room. 

Emily waited for the door to open, but it never did, and she never got a response from her sister. Emily slowly walked towards the door, raising her gun back up. Emily, with the other hand slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. 

"Clara?" Emily whispered. 

Emily recieved no answer. She slowly walked in, her gun aimed. She observed the room, and everything seemed to be untouched. Emily turned quickly to her right and looked; the window had been broken out. 

"Clara!" Emily shouted as she ran over to the window. 

Clara was laying on the roof and she had a large piece of glass stabbed into her. "Emily," she paused, "I'm so sorry. I killed one, Mom an... and Dad would be proud of me." She smiled, then coughed up blood. 

Emily picked up Clara and went back through the broken window and layed her down on the carpet. "Clara, everything is going to be okay. We're going to get to football field where the uninfected people are and you're going to get medical treatment, I promise you." Emily started to cry, "Dammit! Where's our ride?"  

Clara tilted her head back and smiled, only repeating, "I killed one." Emily sobbed as she had to watch her sister slowly die. When Clara had taken her final breath, Emily noticed what appeared to be an infected area of skin.

"Forgive me sister." Emily said as tears burned her face.

Emily grabbed the pistol out of her sister's hand and pointed it at her head. "Tell Mom and Dad that I'm sorry for failing you." She pulled the trigger and blood splashed her face.

The End

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