Part One- The Front Note

Mirah has been planning on being a big time singer or actress. She has everything that she needs, even a boy to drag around by his heart. This is her life, starting in the early years, and leading to her fall.

Mirah sat on the cold seat, her feet tapping the ground. She was scared. Not scared to sing, no she was never scared to perform. Performing was in her blood, it ran though her veins with her red blood. It was her air, her blood, her drive to live.

Tucking a piece of red hair behind her ear, she looked over at her best friend, Alec. Mirah and Alec had met though their mothers, who placed them in the same voice class. That was almost nine years ago. They had bonded instantly.

Now, they where fourteen and trying-out for one of the biggest musical theater high schools in the country. If not the world. Mirah was well know in the theater world. She could sing, act and dance like a pro. If that wasn’t all, she had the best training and a pretty face. But, this could change everything. She could be famous, just by making into West Side School for the Arts. People place bets on who will make it big, and who will crash and burn all based on one silly video.

She was going to make it. She had to. This had been her goal since she was a little girl. All those voices lessons, acting classes, dance privets, all for this.

“Can we have Mirah Jacobs and erm, Alec Leroy?” said a short, blonde women with her hair tied up in a bun, a pencil stuck though it. Standing up, she looked over at her mother, who was to busy playing on her phone to notice her daughter was about to make or break her life.

“I’m going, Mama.” She said, smiling. Her mother looked up, meeting Mirah’s green eyes with her own. Producers had told her they couldn’t wait to work with Mirah when she was an adult. She looked just like her mother, and her mother was beautiful.

“Good luck, darling. Pull down your skirt, and smile.” She said, then looked back at her phone. Mirah met Alec at the door and took his hand. They always held hand when they walked into to a new place. And this was new for sure.


“Hello Alec and Mirah. Now before we begin, may I ask why you asked to try out together?” The person addressing them was a tall, skinny man with a suit on. To his left was the women who had called them in, and to the mans right was a pretty women with big doe brown eyes. Mirah could tell she was going to be the one to impress.

“Mirah and I are best friends. We do everything together. This is no different for us.” Alec spoke calmly, dropping Mirah’s hand.

“You do know the odds of one of you making it,” the short women said, looking at Mirah, “and on you not.” Her eyes meet Alec’s.

“Yes” They answered at the same time.

“Well, if that’s all understood. Please begin.”

The End

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