Chapter 2: A Phone CallMature

The phone rang down the corridor, demanding immediate attention with its shrill peals. It let out only three rings before a hand lifted it from the reciever and put it to an ear.


A voice spoke down the phone, inaudible to the man who had just entered the corridor, watching the woman at the telephone.

"Really? Honestly constable, people don't just..." The voice on the line began speaking again. "Eye witness? Interesting..."

The woman hung up the phone and turned to see her companion who stood in the doorway still, watching her with interest. He was blonde and tall, with a certain charm to his looks, but a rigidness of manner that gave away his professionalism.

"What is it Ma'am?"

"Rodgers, how many times?"

"Sorry. What is it Detective?"

"Constable Jones seems to believe a woman vanished on the moor last night. Quite literally."

"Surely it's not possible for someone to just vanish in to thin air...?"

"Precisely. It is not. But that," She emphasised the 'that' while her blue eyes sparkled with thought and excitement, "is not what the eyewitness believes."

"Shall I get the car then Ma'am?" Detective Lisa Singer glared at him. "Sorry. Detective?"

"Yes, I'll be out in a minute." As Sergeant Jamie Rodgers ran out of the door, Singer rolled her eyes. He was a good sergeant, she had been told, but during the two weeks he had been assigned to her she found herself getting irritated by his apparent lack of memory. She had decided to give him lead way, since his former boss, Arlene Timpet DI, was what she believed most people would call a 'bitch'. If he had survived Timpet and her flustered, narrow minded view on life, he was certainly allowed to forget that she should definitely not be called ma'am. But only once or twice more. Then she would start questioning his desire for self preservation.

"The car's ready Detective!" Rodger's voice shouted from the street, as if he had heard that last thought and specifically used her title instead.

Singer grabbed her phone and her keys, locked the door behind her, and climbed in to the passenger seat.

"Let's go find our vanishing lady." She said, slipping on her seat belt, a second before Rodgers pulled away from the curb.

The End

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