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Free writing because I have nothing else to do.

The mists parted.

Something lurked in that dark, something that liked the deep shadow the misty moor provided. Something without face, but with a presence that filled the hearts of the two lovers with fear.

"Let's go!" The blonde woman cried, tugging at the jacket of her boyfriend and chipping her nails in the process. "Goddammit! I hate this place! Let's go!"

The man steadied her and stared in to the darkness, in to the space that crawled with invisible eyes that bore in to the souls of the wandering pair. The woman shrieked.  

"There's something there! Oh Johnny, there's something coming!"

Johnny crept forward, despite the fearful tearing at his jacket from the red claws of his partner.

"Johnny please, let's go home. Please..."

"Cathy, there's nothing there. You've been reading Sherlock Holmes again haven't you?"

Cathy shook her head, staring around at the gaping landscape, trying to break the blindness the night had enforced.Her head snapped round suddenly, following her ears.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Johnny swaggered up to her, putting his arm around her jestingly.

"The breathing."

Johnny laughed.

"Breathing? You can hear breathing? Well thank god! I thought you were going to say the hound was coming!"

Cathy began to cry.

"I can hear it Johnny! There's something there!"

"Well if there was, I wouldn't be able to hear it over your hysterics would I?" Cathy gulped down her tears and fell silent. The only thing to be heard now was the breathing of the two of them, two people breathing in the cold foggy air... three breaths.

Johnny stilled, his arm still around Cathy's shoulders. Someone, or something, was breathing nearby, a raspy, throaty breath that seemed to drag out as if from a dying creature.

"Can you hear it Johnny?" Cathy whimpered, clutching him to her.

Johnny nodded and struggled from her grip.

"Who's there?" He cried in to the mist, blindly stepping forward a couple of steps.

"Oh Johnny don't!" Cathy cried.

Johnny turned to tell her to be quiet, when something heavy fell on his shoulders and he was knocked to the floor. 

Cathy's high pitched scream rattled his ear drums and he rolled over, ready to face his attacker. But there was no one there. He turned back to where Cathy had been.

There was no one to be seen.

The End

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