Just a small snippet

This is something that I wanted to work on as a birthday present for my girlfriend but ended up giving up on it due to lack of creativity and imagination. Nonetheless, I intend on continuing this at some point or another, preferably soon.

As I stood there gazing into your eyes all I could think of was how much I wanted to be with you, but unlike how a group of wolves is a pack and a set of stars is a constellation, we were not meant for a collective noun so I walked out of Steven’s party onto the street and walked back home. I’d done the route plenty of times before when I’d been drunk so obviously it was no hassle to do so sober.  My feet did the walking for me whilst my brain culminated about you.

By the time I’d noticed, I’d walked past my house by at least four blocks. Upon foolishly arriving by my doorstep, I sat down on the edge of my patio and leaned back against the door with my face shoved between my hands. Anyone who walked by would’ve probably figured I was crying, and as much as I wanted to weep tear after tear of unexpressed melancholy, I was not that kind of person.

As much as I could ever want to be with her, the possibility was as remote as a mouse being enamoured by a cat, so the mere thought of it was futile. But why couldn’t I stop thinking about her? Why could I not stop thinking about the rainbow headed girl with the rainbow personality? In fact, why would I even want to? She was everything that my mind desired to comprehend, but she would never let me do the comprehending.

Reluctantly, I unlocked the door and tiptoed towards my bedroom. Upon entering I crashed down on my bed, not caring about how I was still in my jeans nor how there was no pillow. The ceiling stared at me as if it knew I wanted it to cave in but was not doing so to spite me, so I turned the other way and closed my eyes in hope of serenity, but that was hopeless so I just kept my eyes closed and thought about the only thing that could ever matter until my exhausted body carried me away to sleep.

The End

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