Untitled for Now

First chapter introducing Violet and Julian the main characters in the story. Violet is looking for work and thanks to a wrong turn she ends up at a mysterious shop called "A trip down from Heaven".

Chapter One

busy streets were teeming with people, even more so then Violet was normally
used to. It had been raining for most of the day so the streets were still wet
and everything looked dull and grey, the tall buildings of New York seemed to
loom over her casting shadows everywhere. Her converse were still wet from the
last few days of job hunting and with little success she was starting to feel
disheartened. Violet saw a sign for a Starbucks just up ahead, she wasn’t a
coffee addict but she was a hot chocolate fanatic. She bit her lip, trying to
remember when she last had had one, Alice, her best friend and her normally got
one every morning before school. So that would be yesterday. Oh I need a break
anyway she thought to herself. She turned down the street the sign had pointed
to. Normally Violet would have gone to Alice and hers favourite hot chocolate
shop Little Italy but her best friend was tired of going out with her looking
for jobs when she could be at home watching television instead. Violet did not
blame her, if she had had a choice she would have preferred to stay at home
curled up on the couch with the remote but she needed a job.  

The rain had stopped
and some of the sun’s rays had begun to shine making the dismal streets look
less bleak. As Violet walked further she noticed that she had walked down a
street she had not been before. This seemed impossible since she had lived in
New York her whole life but she now noticed that some of the shops looked more
interesting and more inviting then the usual shops even on the Upper East Side.
Some even had colourful flowers outside and hand painted signs proclaiming the
stores names. The cement pavement had turned to a slightly more cobbled path
and she had just caught sight of a coffee house just ahead next to a candy shop
made of glass. Inside were comfy seats on wooden floor boards and the delicious
creamy aroma of coffee and croissants. Ordering a hot chocolate with
marshmallows she sat at a small table on an old looking green seat with pink
cushions by the window. Feeling warmer and more content than she had in days
she even took out a book and started to read.

 When her hot chocolate was nearly finished
suddenly the door to the coffee house swung open with a crash, the sign marking
the shop to be open was shook from its place to fall to the floor. The soft
murmurs and quiet laughter of the few other customers had been soothing but on
seeing the arrival of the new customers they quickly stopped their
conversations and looked silently at their tables and orders. Violet had always
had good instincts, and right now they were screaming at her to leave. The
three men that had entered were huge. Their enormous bulk and towering frames
shrunk the café. One shuck out his long raggedy black hair almost wolf like.
The other had small eyes that seemed to never settle on one thing and slicked
back white hair that went down his back in a straight line. The biggest and
most likely the leader of the trio had very sharp canines like an animal. He
wore a heavy fur coat that could probably carpet the whole café thought Violet,
the fur covered a shirt and tie and black pants, the other men wore black suits
that looked off somehow in this small homely cafe, they seethed with menace as
they strolled up to the front desk. The kind old woman who had given Violet her
drink looked terrified but her husband calmly put a hand on her shoulder and
motioned for the men to follow him to the back. Getting up from where she had
been sitting Violet made her way to the door, something had not been right
about those men, she just knew it. Leaving the shop she flinched when the door
banged behind her like a gun going off. Gripping her shoulder bag closer to
herself Violet started to walk away as fast as her wet shoes would go,
splashing in puddles as she went.

            Violet had no idea where she was headed; she just could
not look back for fear of seeing the terrifying trio behind her. When she
started to feel out of breath she slowed her pace to look around her. The shops
here still looked different but darker and gloomier, most were black, with dim,
shadowy windows along with no signs advertising what they were selling. Violet
was reminded of Harry Potter all of a sudden and his accidental detour into the
wrong alley and wouldn’t have been surprised if a goblin suddenly came round
the corner carrying some gold. Everything looked slightly off yet quite ordinary
at the same time; she came out of the street to a cobbled square with a stone
fountain in the middle. It was eerily beautiful with a mermaid intricately
carved coming out of the clear water, then what appeared to be the same mermaid
except with legs standing in the middle on top the water in a beautiful gown.
The first statue the mermaid seemed hopeful but in the second Violet could not
look at it for too long. The girls beautiful face was so stricken with despair
and anguish it was shocking to her and made her feel sad for the lifeless
stranger. The shops surrounding the square were not as imposing as the others
or as grim and there were more people here walking around but they still looked
forbidding. One had “Moonshine” written in silver and looked like a clothes
shop but Violet couldn’t really tell, another had “Black Magic” scrawled on a
piece of card in the window front and looked like the perfect hang out for
Goths. Violet was going to take a step closer to see what they sold when
another shop caught her eye on the right. It looked more like a house with its three
stories and triangle roof. It had black ornate shutters, and a sign that gently
blew in the wind that read “A Trip down from Heaven”. It looked like it had
been scrawled on by hand. Cue the lightening thought Violet to herself, she had
truly walked into a weird part of town, wanting to get off the street for a
little while now that it had started to rain again she decided to go and have a
quick look inside. Pushing open the door a bell tinkled over head.       

The shop was truly
incredible, when she walked in she first saw the high ceilings and tall
windows, you could not see the outside though, to the busy street and other
shops that she had just witnessed before she had come in. They were gothic in
style, black around the edges and the glass looked unclear almost white with a
light yellow glow coming through. Indigo and black material hung around them
like curtains. At the far end of the room was a desk that looked old, like
something from the 1900s just like the rest of the shop. It was made of white
marble and behind it a black thin metal staircase rounded up and up to some
strange room above.  It was attached only
by the floor and the top room. The shop was dark with lanterns hanging from the
walls and three chandeliers of candles hanging down by wire, almost floating
were the only sources of the shops light. Built in bookshelves surrounded the
walls with an abundance of strange objects, some housed books stacked in never
ending lines, one a gilded birdcage with a blue mechanical bird inside, some
with paper holders that moved as if smoke or clouds were entrapped in them. If
you moved across the dark wooden floors behind a black purple curtain you came
into a smaller shop, with a normal height ceiling and a door made of light wood
and glass leading to the outside. Tables with expensive and old cloth draped
over them and stands held beautiful jewellery like nothing she had ever seen
before. Violet stopped at one stand seeing three unique rings. The silver was
thin with a flat head showing a picture of Albert Einstein in white against a
light blue background. The same with the others except one had Lincoln, top hat
in place and the other a beautiful woman. How strange she thought to herself.

stood transfixed by some other unique necklaces on the stand closest to the
door when suddenly she heard a bell chime from the main shop. She stood perfectly
still as a chill went up her spine and a feeling stole over her, like she
should walk out the door that was only a few steps away. But she shook it away
feeling foolish, she was so jumpy today she thought. Curiosity having won out
she walked back through the curtain feeling the silky material as she lifted it,
fall through her fingers, she stepped inside. Shafts of light came down from
the high windows and she could see tiny particles of dust move in them. They
looked almost silver and moved so slowly, it was hypnotic, that’s when she came
to realise how quiet the shop was. From the corner of her eye she saw something
move ever so slightly. Turning quickly she gasped in shock. A tall guy stood
wearing a long purple velvet Victorian coat and black pants and a white shirt.
He was pale with high cheek bones, a strong jaw and a straight nose. His dark
black hair came to his neck and it was hard to say whether it was straight or
curly, it was just kind of ruffled, an array of messy spikes. But his eyes they
were what stood out, a dark grey like a stormy sky in winter with flecks of
silver. He was beautiful she thought.

Seeing the silver shop
bell on the marble desk next to old fashioned cash register she knew he must
have rung it. “Did you ring the bell?” she asked. He stood staring at her for
several moments before speaking, looking at her as if she were some unknown
specimen that he had never seen before. “Of course I rang it, do you see
someone else in my shop that I don’t know about?” he said with indignation while
shaking his head. His voice was low with a hint of sarcasm, he didn’t seem that
much older than Violet, maybe nineteen years old if she had to guess. “Your
shop? Then why ring the bell at all?” she asked trying to sound polite. “It’s
my shop so I may do as I wish” he said ringing the bell again as if in
defiance. Then he walked back around the counter and sat himself on a stool
resting his forearms on the counter top. “Yes I suppose you can” she said
feeling annoyed, he was like a child. “Well I was just leaving actually so
goodbye” she called turning to head for the door. “So you don’t want to
audition for the job than?” he called after her. Turning she looked at him, he
still had his forearms resting casually on the counter but he was looking at
her as if trying not to laugh. “How did you know I was looking for a job? She
asked slowly. He pointed down to the counter and it was then she saw a slip of
paper. “I have your resume right here, that’s why you came in here right?” he
asked with that same smirk on his face. “How did you get my…” she said angry
but before she could finish he interrupted “It was on the floor, so I’m
assuming it fell from your bag” he pointed to her satchel that hung to her hip.
“Now I’m going to take the kind hearted approach and assume you’re not as
careless with everything and give you a try at the job, I know I know I’m too
generous but don’t get used to it” he said with a warning look when he saw she
was about to protest. She felt truly annoyed at this guy for some reason, he
was so cocky.”I don’t think I could...” she said turning again and just like
before he interrupted again. “Well if you think you can’t handle it fine” he
said now looking bored. That annoyed her even more; she knew he was trying to
bait her, Violet just didn’t know why. “It’s not that, I can only work part
time after school” said Violet. That had been a deal breaker for most places
already. He said nothing for a few moments and just stared at her as if deciding
something then “Fine that’s all I need actually if you think you can do it” he
said. Again Violet felt nettled but she did need the money and so far this was
the only job offer she had got in the last two weeks and besides how difficult
could it be to help out in a shop? “Thank you very much” she forced herself to
walk over and offer her hand to shake his.”My name is Violet Sage”. “Yes yes I
have it all here you begin tomorrow” he said not looking up at her. Violet clenched
her hands into fists and felt her nails dig into her palms, a habit of hers.
“And it’s probably better if you come and go through the back door” he said
with the same bored expression.”Try and remember that.”  “Fine” she bit out and turned to leave through
the small room, closing the door not too gently as she left.


When Violet came out
into the street she was not surprised to see it had stopped raining again, just
a few drops dripped down like tears splashing the wet pavement, she was
surprised however to be back on the normal teeming New York streets. Clothes
shops, bars and restaurants lined the now crowed pavements with people running
here and there like busy bees in a hive. Gone were the old fashioned painted
signs, mysterious shops and cobble paths. No one seemed to notice her or the
shop she had just walked out of. Pulling her coat closer around herself Violet
began to make her way to catch the next subway back to her home. She lived with
her mum in Brooklyn. Violet and her mum had moved there when Violet was three
because her mums profession as an author had not been going well, but with her
career having picked up, she had to go on lots of book tours and was sometimes
gone for as long as two or three weeks. Violet’s Aunt Lucinda used to come and
stay with her but now that Violet was older she either went to stay with her
aunt up in her apartment in Manhattan or stayed by herself. Lucinda, like
Violet was small but had hair as black as ink that was beginning to become
streaked with grey; she had dark stern eyes and normally wore black tailored
suits that were like her neat and tidy. Though she was stern looking women she
wasn’t overly strict and seemed unsure on how to look after Violet at times and
so mostly left her to herself since she worked in the city as a solicitor.
Violet called her Lucy because that’s what her mum called her, but it somehow
didn’t fit as well as Lucinda.

Violet now walked up
the steps that led to the white wooden door that had a painted nine in silver
lettering. When she stepped into the hallway she left her keys on the wooden
hall stand. The house was big and in the style of a small Victorian; every room
was a different colour though not anything to extreme and was quite modern. The
kitchen was green with wooden cabinets and a wooden table. Violets room was
painted purple, her favourite colour. 
Violet went into the kitchen; she decided to make herself something to
eat. Making herself some lasagne she let her mind drift to the store and her
new job. She could not tell which she was more, nervous or excited. She
couldn’t recall the guys name until she remembered he had not told her.  The bizarreness of the street and the people
on it came back to her mind. Ok definitely more nervous she thought. This job
could be great but what if he was too weird or annoying? Violet did not want to
put up with that. But it was still a pay check and she had promised her mum she
would look for a part time job to keep herself busy this summer.

Finishing her food
while watching TV, she made sure to put the other half of the lasagne in the
fridge. After having a quick shower Violet stepped out onto the soft white rug
that lay in the centre of the bathroom. Standing on her toes she used her
forearm to clear the mirror, she looked closely at her reflection. The steam
circled behind her like a warm cloud making her image look quite eerie. Her
long chocolate brown hair hung around her face and was beginning to curl as it
dried. Her normally pale face was beginning to flush because of the heat and
her dark blue eyes stared back at her. The face staring back at her looked like
a stranger, she had always been slender and small. She did not look very
intimidating but she had always proven to be strong. Violet knew she would go
to the shop and try her best because she wanted the job. She wanted to prove
she could handle it. And perhaps she hadn’t been fair to the guy; he had been
nice enough to offer her a job. Walking to her room she shut the door and
quickly through on her pyjamas and climbed into bed. Violet was so tired and
glad to be somewhere warm and comfortable that she fell asleep instantly but
that did not stop her from having strange dreams about a boy with night black
hair laughing as he sat on a throne petting a giant lion with a golden mane
surrounded by war and chaos while Violet watched from a grey cloud wearing a
blood red dress.

The End

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