Wounded (Raven): Continued

*Sorry to switch chapters on you, the reader. But I thought that chapter one was getting a little long and it would have been longer if I hadn't thought of this!*

I jolted back, surprised that I wasn't somehow glued to the leather seat.

"What the hell was that?" Ty demanded, looking around with frantic eyes. "Was that a gunshot?"

In the form of an answer, something small and fast came pelting through the front window, sending shards of glass everywhere. "No!" I shouted, freeing myself from the seatbelt and flinging myself over Ty to protect him. Another bullet came flying in and grazed my arm as it passed and tore through the rear window. I was vaguely aware of Ty uttering several curse words and asking if I was alright. "Pull over!" I yelled.

We reached the shoulder of the road and Ty unfastened his seatbelt. "I don't know what's going on,but God dammit, I'm going to go find out." He opened the door a crack but I tightened my hold on his shirt. "Let go, Raven." He snapped, but I only held on tighter.

"Duck!" I shouted, forcing him down with me as yet another bullet tore through his window. Glass shattered and fell on top of us. My arm was beginning to burn from where the bullet had scraped it, but I gritted my teeth and ignored it instead of screaming.

"You're bleeding." Ty observed. "Why didn't you say anything Raven?"

"It doesn't matter." I answered.

"Yes it does! You're hurt."

"There's other things to worry about. My health and safety are not the top priorities right now."

Ty slid out from under me. "I'm going to go and check things out now. I think we're clear."

"No. Ty, please. Don't go." I begged.

He turned to me. "I'll just be a minute." He said, throwing the door open.

"No. Ty, it's not safe ou there!" I cried. "Someone shot at us and you're going to go out there?! How do you know they aren't waiting to ambush us or something?" I demanded as fear and panic gripped my body in a cold grasp.

"I don't." He admitted.

"Then why don't you stay here until we figure something out?" I asked, pleading he'd take my advice.

"Somebody tried to kill us Raven. I'm not just going to sit around. I'm going out there."

"No! Ty, you'll get killed!" I shouted as he shut the door and walked away from the car.

A few feet away, he turned. "Would you just trust me Raven?" He called. "I'm going to be fi-" He didn't have time to finish before the tiny bullet pierced his chest and soaked his shirt with blood.

"NO! TY!" I screamed, the siren bursting from my throat. My arm felt like it was on fire as I watched Ty's limp body crumple onto the road. I looked down as my body began trembling with the sobs that broke free from my chest. Through my blurry vision, I could see a slivery gooey liquid on parts of the car's interior. That and spots stained with blood. My blood. The smell of burning flesh was a dead give away to what the silver liquid was. Silver Nitrate, or Argentum Mors, the silver death. The only thing that is harmful to shifters. The bullet had been infused with it. I was overcome by a sudden strong wave of dizziness. I knew I was going to die, enough of the silver death was in my blood and had already began slowing my heart down. Exhasuted, I gave into the dizziness, knowing that I would join Ty soon. We'd be together again...

I woke up when my body hit the cold wooden floor of my bedroom. I wished that I had died that night, seeing that the nightmare continued to haunt me. I had to spend day after day here alone, in what I'd learned to call my personal Hell. I hated living on in a life that I didn't deserve. It didn't feel right. I felt like I'd taken Ty's life from him. Looking back on that night was horrible for me, because I could have done something to help. Maybe I could have saved Ty.

I felt like I was at war with myself. Part of me felt sad and angry because yet again, another innocent life had been lost because of me. The other part of me, the smaller part, felt like he shouldn't matter. Humans don't really matter to us, that's just our mindset. But Ty had mattered to me. There were still nights when I'd wake up screaming or crying for him. I knew I had to move on.

But would I be able to?

The End

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