1: Wounded (Raven)

The night sky shone bright with millions of stars as I walked beside Ty. The noise from the wild party slowly began to fade behind us as we walked deeper into the forest. It was cool, and my breath appeared infront of my face like a wispy cloud. In the distance, we could hearthe faint roar of the falls. On the outside, I was a girl having fun with the boy she loves, but on the inside, I was on high alert.

Ty didn't know my secret, and he didn't have to. I tried to push the strange fluttering sensation from my stomach as the road came into view. "See? I told you this was a shortcut." He said as we approached the road's rocky shoulder.

"Yeah. A shortcut to an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere." I teased as he let go of my hand.

"This isn't 'nowhere'. I know exactly where we are. We're just a few miles south of town. Your parents would surley kill me if I took you any farther." Ty explained.

I froze, trying to keep the gap in my chest from ripping open.

Ty noticed and had me in his arms. "Oh, God. Babe, I'm so sorry. I forgot about that."

"It's okay." I replied, my voice thick with tears.

Ty pressed his lips to my hair. "I'll go get the car." He said.

I glanced the few feet down the road to his car. "We can walk." I said, forcing the tears back.

"I insist." Ty smiled slightly. "We've done enough walking for one night. Wait here, and take this." He instructed, shrugging out of his jacket.

"Are you sure? I'm alright." I said.

He pressed the jacket into my hand. "Of course I'm sure. You're practically freezing to death out here."

"What about you?" I asked. "Aren't you cold?"

Ty's bright, sweet smile appeared again. "I'll be fine babe. Don't worry about me. I'll be right back okay?"

I nodded and he headed off to the car. Stretching my arms through the jacket sleeves, I watched him go. I watched his lean, muscular body grow smaller with distance, and his blond curls go almost silver in the light of the full moon. I zipped the jacket up about halfway and suddenly the scent of him was everywhere, sweet and almost intoxicating.

I was nearly blinded by the headlights as Ty's car crawled to a stop a few feet infront of me. I opened the door and climbed in, engulfed by heat and warmth. "Thanks for the jacket." I smiled. "It's a little big, but-"

"It's perfect, you look great."

I ducked my head as I fastened my seatbelt, feeling my face and neck get hot. "I had an amazing time tonight." I said, looking up when the blush had faded.

"So did I. Thanks to you." Ty glanced at me sideways as we headed down the road.

We spent the next few minutes in silence, both staring ahead out the windshield. The thick forest trees surrounded us on both sides and it was quiet. I glanced at the time. Almost three. Of course it would be quiet. There was no sound, except for the soft purr of the car's engine and the sound of our breathing. I sighed and leaned my head against the cool window.

"Tired?" Ty wondered.

"No, I'm just thinking." I lied. Lying came easy when you were me. It had to. If I was a bad liar, I'd be in even more danger than I am now. That comes with being who and what I am. No matter how safe you think you are, you aren't. You never are. And neither are the people around you. In short, no one is safe from them.

Them is a group of people who call themselves the Deliverers. The Deliverers are under the belief that it is their duty to kill people like me in order to protect their precious race of humans. They think we're descendants of evil, brought forth to destroy them. They kill most of us, and the others are captured and are experimented on, and many of them die during the experiment. Those who survive the experiments are offered a choice: give up their powers and become human again or die like the rest. It has been said that only one person has survived the experiments and elected to return to his human form. People of my race have searched for him for years, but they firgure he died young or went into hiding on a private unknown island somewhere. They nicknamed him "Magic Trick" because he was there and then he wasn't.

"What was that?" Ty's voice sounded, breaking the silence.

I turned, he kept glancing out his window. "What was what?" I asked.

Ty's brow was pulled down by confusion. "I could have sworn I saw something in the trees just now."

My heart began to accelerate slightly as I pictured the worst. "What was it?"

Ty sighed in frustration and turned his focus back to the main road. "I don't know. Maybe I'm going crazy or something." He said. "It was probably nothing, Raven."

I was about to respond, when a sharp, quick sound pierced through the quiet atmosphere.

The End

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