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Shifting isn't a glorious things. To have the gift alone of shifting is like a mortal death sentence. You're constantly running. Running from anything and everything you know. You have no choice but to turn your back on the world you thought you knew. It is best to distance yourself from others, for you never know when you might run into one of them.

If you find yourself what the human race deems "normal," count your blessings. Your human mind is too ignorant to understand just how cruel your world can really be. Imagine losing your parents, the very people who gave you life. Imagine losing your best friend, the person you shared every secret with. Imagine losing your boyfriend or girlfriend, the person you love, and think you'll spend forever with.

Worst of all, imagine seeing all of that happen. Imagine watching them die right before your eyes. Nothing in the world can measure up to that. You don't know the people responsible, and you don't want to. They are vile and heartless people who take pleasure in taking another person's life. They are skilled hunters for shifters and don't give second chances.

You never thought that your worst fear would be realized. Your race of shifters is dying out, and you are among them.

You could be next.

The End

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