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The daughter of a hulderfolk.

Lifting up the papers on my mother's desk I found what I was looking for, a thick black book, generally kept in ther attic, out of people's sight and memories, where I couldn't find it. Once I saw it I wanted to know what it was. I wouldn't rest until I did. Of course my mother wouldn't have left it lying around if she knew that. I was only a young girl at the time.

Inside the book was a list of magical creatures and vivid graohic drawings. It was in my grandfather's hand. There were dragons, big black ones with long necks and bony wings. There were banshees, with matted hair, somehow beautiful. I saw elves with big pointy ears and women with fish tails.

It wasn't normal. It was like they were drawn from memory, not like illustraions at all. All the information written was different from what poeple said about them. It seemed like my grandfather had made it up.

At the time it meant nothing to me. I was disappointed with what was inside. I didn't notice that my mother and father were always worried these days. I didn't notice that they weren't always around. I didn't notice that the people who cae to see them always had sctraches and scar. I didn't watch the news, I didn't know the strange things that happened. I didn't know that the club my mother went to on a wednesday evening wasn't actually Zumba.

The End

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