the start of the end.Mature

It happened again, I got myself in too deep this time. I'll never be able to look at his face again. I am in the corner/last stall in the bathroom. I locked the door and have been sitting here for what feels like forever. My friends are calling me, telling me its not that bad, not that they were there.... no one was I was alone as usual. They don't get it, no one does. Not even the person I trusted the most........ 

"Silv, come out please!" Mona keeps screaming to me, her voice is concerned but she sounds more agitated than anything really.They still don't get it though, I've blocked all their screams out now. 'click' earphones plugged in I turn up the music to painfully high. Ah, Paramore take me away. I can't hear any of them now.. not even him. Not that I would listen to anything he has to say now... my arms sting as the screams outside get louder. I see it the crimson fluid, dark and menacing yet almost inviting. I can see this girl in the pool her face calm yet torn with pain, not physical pain but mental pain as would suggest the deep black bags below her eyes. She gets me she is the only one I trust and yet even her I don't really trust.The ugly words she screams at me harsh words but I know she is right and it kills us.

But this is it the last moment, I can feel it now. Now they will see it, they will finally know... They never did as much damage or could have possible done as much damage as I did to myself everyday and now as I sit here, screaming, hurting....


The End

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