Each drink he takes is another memory erased. Multiple descions  made to change his fate whether its good or bad is to late. The consequences are on their way a bright light starting to fade. The life in progress is starting to change with each ripple in the water spreading out turning into more mistakes. Clinging on tight to a world that I can never make right. A moral high ground I see no sight around. Pleading for a fantasy slowly drifting back to reality. A change in the motions, loosing my focus Im out of my magic potion. What can I say what can I do to aleve this tension escape this new dimension. A tilt a world no longer sure what im heading toward. I think it will eventually be ok maybe I'll start to take those little pieces of doubt away. A new future in the making another soul for the taking how many lives must I live to finally get  what my dreams have told me I deserve what I  have longed to reincarnate in myself in the the people I know is it me or has shit turned into the new hierarchy

The End

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