Ariana woke from her bed, bright and early. She frowned, remembering having an odd dream. She shook herself, pushing her dark chocolate brown hair back, wincing as the knots caught.

She wrapped her dressing gown around her thin, body, clothed only by underwear, and put her glasses, before going into the living room, seeing that her flat-mate, Steven, sat on the floor, his back against the sofa, watching televison. Her other flat-mate, China, had already gone to work - She worked in a primary school not too far away.

Steven glanced up, before looking at the woman's pale legs, moving up to her silken dressing gown, decorated with black flowers, to her bedraggled hair, and dark, tired eyes, looking at hi over her glasses.

"Do you know how diffiult you are to live with?" He asked her. He asked her that almost twice a week, since the summer before, when he had first found out she slept naked in the summers.

"If you're commenting on my lack of clothing, may I point out that you are in boxers?" She said, smirking. He looked down, shrugging, then grinned back up at her.

"I'm not a chick." He chuckled. She rolled her eyes, before getting breakfast, and getting dressed. Brushing her hair, she reappeared, in an off-the-shoulder, sky blue top, and a pair of bootleg jeans.

"I'm off out. Stay out of trouble, love." She told him.

"Whatever." He called. She waited. He slunk towards the door, where she stood, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, as he alost always did when she was going out. It was their way of telling each other of staying safe.

"That's better." She chuckled, and with that, left.

The End

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