Ariana screwed her eyes tightly closed, and clenched her teeth, trying to ignore the fire that licked at her stomach, and trying more to ignore the knife protruding there.

Rayne, his eyebrows furrowed, tried to stem the bleeding, putting pressure on it, while trying to talk to her supportively, trying to get her too keep her eyes open, trying to get her to hold on. He tried not to think of the blood rusting on his hands.

Nate held the young woman's head in his lap, his eyes darting over the wound, then away again. So much mess, and so much sorrow - he couldn't bring himself to look at it for lon. He decided to look down, at Ariana's pained face, as he stroked her hair with a shaking hand. He dug his hand into his pocket, and called for an ambulance. This was beyond their control.

The panic rose as Ariana's eyes slid closed, and her body went limp.

The End

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