I am in a complete and utter hypnotize. With him, there is no reality. Every edge is blurred and blackened. Just him and I exist. I know he wants me. I want him too. 
   I want his torso, naked, up against mine. The warm thrill to ride down my spine. To feel dismembered, rotten, but completely alive. I know he wants me because I can feel his eyes travel over my body. His gaze stays locked and makes me go hot. We stare each other down and I see his cheeks go red. He knows.

   The only problem is his authority over me. His allowance to discipline me when I am bad. I like this. The school board does not. Yes, he is a teacher. He's young. 23. I am 17. Old enough to consent to acts that are unspeakable. 

   I sit right in front of his desk. That is the desk where I imagine things that happen. 
   "Okay, so. Does everyone understand how you form the equation and how to switch it around?"
   The room stays silent. Everyone knows. Or, the people who don't know just stay quiet. I am one of those people. I am completely oblivious to this class and everything that we have learnt so far. My mark sits below passing. 
   The bell rings and we are dismissed. I don't want to leave. 

The End

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