This story is only for me and whitedance

Intro Part 1

As they entered the room,they tore off their clothes. Alexander was straddled Anaiah. He gently  kisses her neck and bites teasingly. Anaiah moaned in pleasure. She pulled him down onto the silky bloodred sheets,on the pillow top mattress. He opened her legs, gently pshing into her. It felt as if his body consumed every part of her."Alexander."Anaiah let a slip out of her lips in pleasure. She digs her her finely manicured fingers into his back.  Their lips meet for a second and Alexander moves back to her neck.  He bites,digging his fangs into her. She leans up and bites his shoulder. Alexander moved down to Anaiah's stomach and she moved down to  his chest.  Alexander moaned and pushed into her more. Anaiah pulls him into her more. Shouting his name again. Her hands runs through his long black hair and pulls gently. She lowers and sinks her fangs into his thigh. Alexander moaned and braught  her up to his lips.

2 hours later.....

Anaiah was laying on his chest,panting. Alexander closed his eyes in amusement,a smile spread across his face. Anaiah sat up and wrapped her bare body with one of the sheets. She stood up and walked into the bathroom.  Her body swayed with her movement. Alexander immediately got up and followed her. He grabbed her from behind and held her."I love you."She smiled and kissed him. The water ran over them."I love you too."He winked and pulled her closer.

1 hour later.....

They both got out of the shower and got ready. Alexander came out wearing his black bleached skinny jeans,his white t-shirt and his black converse. Anaiah came out with a short black mini dress with black stilettos. They both walked into the kitchen. "So what are we going to be doing today?Or rather tonight?"She sat down with her cup of blood.

Alexander looked up from his stolen newspaper."We are going to be helping Jack with training then going to see Hayden."He smiled. Anaiah nodded in agreement and fell silent. Alexander went back to finish his reading. He stood up and grabbed the keys,Anaiah followed him out to the car. "Ready?"Alexander smiled as he let the top down.Anaiah nodded."Of course."She kissed him.  Alexander cranked it up and drove off.

The End

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