Next day morning!

Julia falls asleep in that abondoned house without her knowledge until a scorching ray of sun breaking through the broken window falls on her forehead. She tries to cover herself from the rays and thats when she realizes the dark night had come to an end.

Julia gathers herself and walks out of the house hurriedly. She calls out for a Taxi in broken voice. Julia finally is on her way back to home. Unable to wipe off the creepy night she went through, Julia embraces herself and dozes off on her way to home. "Mam, Mam, your destination has arrived", driver wakes her up. Julia jumps off her seat, pays the fare and runs into her small flat in the sub-urbans. Closing the door behind her, she breathes a sigh of relief. Life seems back to normal as she reclaims on the couch. But least did she know, the traces have followed her back home. 

The End

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