What happens in that abandoned house?

As she rests down in the wrecked kitchen with a sigh of relief, she tends to back to what had happened a few hours back. But the creepy night doesn't allow her to flip the eyelids. "Bang" the door at the rear end slams with the wind gushing in. Julia's heart beats get stronger, she starts sweating profusely.  Her legs trembling, voice shreking, struggling to reach the door.  The closer she gets, more stronger the heat beat grows. As her hand reaches the door knob to close it, there she sees a dark shadow.  Slamming the door behind her she runs again towards the stair case thats covered the spider web. The stair case is completely worn out, but she manages to reach the top floor as somebody was following her. There she sees another room with the door open. She jumps into the room and locks herself up. The shadow follows her upto the room. Julia manages to get up and look out to save herself. In the meantime, "knock knock..." the sound from the door. Who is that? Please tell me for godsake, who the hell is that? Julia cries. But the knocking sound doesn't stop. May be the wind gushing in is breaking her voice.  Her cries are reaching the roof tops. Julia grabs a wooden pile in one hand and steps forward towards the door. "Julia, please open the door", "there's  something out here", "please make it fast",  "we both are in danger." Julia is in a dilemma, not in a state of mind to decide what to do. But fear has overthrown her. With a wooden pile in one hand, holding the door knob in another hand, she opens the door. Before realizing who it was, "bang" she hits him harder. Blood spills out and he falls down."Julia, what the hell you did?", "It's me, your teacher."  With a loud scream, she opens her eyes and finds herself in the same kitchen. "What a darn thing", all this was just a dream. Nobody had arrived at the door. Another sigh of relief as she gathers herself to find a safer place to breathe in.

The End

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