This is the story of a girl who is trapped in a murder mystery. Her life changes for the one wrong turn she takes. Look out for her haunting experiences in the creepy night. As the night falls, her life becomes a hell!

It was a dark windy night of december, the street lights were glittering, leaves were whispering, creepy sound of the blowing wind and unseen dogs barking all the while. A sudden silence falls on the streets for a few seconds. "Tap tap tap..." the sound of footsteps gets louder as it appears to be coming from one of the lanes.  The dogs start barking again as if they sensed something is wrong. Soon a shadow appears following a girl who is running to save her life, from whom? not sure...........

Running down with sweat, holding a vanity bag in one hand, her eyes red and filled with fear she breaks down into a lonely house to save her life. But will she be really saved from whom she is running? What happens to her in that lonely house? You have answers to all these questions in the next chapter :-)


The End

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