The Sun

I Rest my body on the ground, my dress sets alight a little on the edges. i shake my dress to stop the burning. I feel as though i should close my eyes, but it doesnt feel very safe. Its dark everywhere, so black.


For a moment i get a feeling in my body i i recognise a little. the urge to be curious and wander. I do as i am told, and i rise from where i was once resting and look about. Rocks, rocks, fire, fire. Im now miles from the gates and my body feels theres no need to return there, for now.


I close my Eyes tightly, then open them, i repeat. I spin around, arms out stretched. I Sit down, legs crossed, the flames all around me, touching my milky white legs, my long thin fingers touch the violent flames, theres something missing. 


'Get Away from Here! ' A roaring mans voice rings in my ears. I squeeze my eyes closed, my hands on my ears. 'No.' I reply to the voice.

'Stand up.' The voice replies to me sternly. My body responds to the command and stands up quickly. I walk away from the rocks i had found myself upon earlier. was it earlier? or just a moment ago? 


There was no source of light in the sky above me, Just the roaring fire i seemed to be walking upon.  But now its turning a grey colour, slowly. 

A sharp Glow Appears not far from me, so blinding i place my arm over my eyes. 

'GO AWAY.' The glow stays. I briskly speed forward, into towards the light. Everything is now so bright. The ground still hard. I look up to see white everywhere, and a orange roundness in the sky, perdectly circle, seems like fire also. 


Im running, hands infront of me, grasping for safety desprately. My throat feels tight and knotted, but i still carry on like im fine. i can feel the snow beneith my feet, i feel softness. white now, i start to see white, faster i run, i can see infront of me now, i hear manic laughter, in the distance.

Im running away from it i realise. i start to laugh again, i feel better. Im Back to the place i feel most comfortable. I stop, I fall. I feel the snow on my hands, I start to feel a chill down my back, a feeling, coldness. 

I look down at my hands, so white, like the snow i can now feel. Distinctive Scars, pink and purple upon my arms, i look at them in utter disapointment, like they are ment to remind me of something, something important. 

I place my hand on my chest, i feel nothing. i stare in the distance, a tear falls down my face. I cant put my finger on what, but something feels like its missing. 

The End

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