I awaken. sizzling. My eyes still firmly closed, i take a deep breath in and for a moment, i feel a sense of worry. My eyes gently open to red, orange and black. hot steam rises from the ground. Fire. 


A sigh leaves my pale thin lips. Standing up my legs are weak at the joints, like a foal taking its first steps, i get my baring and stand on both feet, tall and alert. I need to be.


I look down to see my pure white gown still reaches the ground where i stand, nothing changes, still. I put my arms out infront of me and then around me, feels a little hotter.

The heat soars all around me, The flames sizzle in every direction. My Feet touch the black floor, Feels like hot coal, Chalky and burning at my tiny white toes. I cant feel the pain i should feel though.


I hear a chime in the distance, a sweet chime, my pupils dilate and my ears prick up to the noise, like i was ment to hear this noise. My legs start running north, my feet are bare and pale, running, faster through the fire, and the weirdest thing i start to laugh in enjoyment, but its like ive done this a million times before, and i dont know why im doing this, totally unvoluntary. 


The chiming gets louder, louder and louder, faster and faster i run now. Picking up my gown by my dainty hands, running so fast, yet not running out of breath, am i even breathing? 


I see something, towards the chiming, i run, i force myself, like my life is depending on it, i run, i run, i run, i stop. The gates close. This time i get a shudder down my spine, a slight Feeling of Deja Vu, and still a tear falls down my face, like i was supposed to care somehow. 

My head hangs low and i stand for a while, i kick some coal about with my feet. It Sizzles from the heat as it breaks apart.


i turn and walk away, the chiming stops. 

The End

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