Full Moon

I Rest my body next to a tree of oak.  This tree seems almost as old as i am, yet so much taller, it seems to be dying, its life span coming to an end. I feel as though i should close my eyes, what better is there to do, the silence is back. 

For a moment i get a feeling in my body i dont recognise, the urge to be curious and wander. I do as i am told, and i rise from where i was once resting and look about. Trees, trees, snow, snow. Im now miles from the gates and my body feels theres no need to return there, for now.

I close my Eyes tightly, then open them, i repeat. I spin around, arms out stretched. I Sit down, legs crossed, the snow all around me, touching my milky white legs, my long thin fingers feel the snow gently, theres something missing. 

'Dont you think you should be somewhere right now? ' A gentle womans voice rings in my ears. I squeeze my eyes closed, my hands on my ears. 'No.' I reply to the voice.

'You do, now stand up.' The voice replies to me sternly. My body responds to the command and stands up quickly. I walk away from the small selection of trees i had found myself upon earlier. was it earlier? or just a moment ago? 

Although it was light, there was no source in sight and the sky above me was just as white as the ground i walked upon.  But now its turning a grey colour, slowly. I look back and the trees are no where in sight now.

A sharp Glow Appears not far from me, so blinding i place my arm over my eyes. 

'Hurry up.' The glow vanishes again. I briskly speed forward, into blackness. Everything is now black. The ground still soft, like how the snow felt. I look up to see white shines all around, and a giant roundness in the sky, Full circle. White, pastel white.

Im running, hands infront of me, grasping for safety desprately. My throat feels tight and knotted, but i still carry on like im fine. i cant feel the snow beneith my feet, its like a marble cold feel now. Black, as black as the sky, faster i run, i cant see infront of me, nor behind me, i hear manic laughter, all around me, laughing in my head, in the distance.

I Drop. 

The End

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