"Sit!" My dad shouted, his face blood red with anger, his chair on its back on the floor and worse, everyone was staring, all the maids and the servents, and other random family members I didn't like or remember.
The chandellier was still swaying, like his very voice had willed it to life.
"I will not!" I screeched back, crushing the crumpled letter even more into the plams of my hands the paper slicing into my skin.
"You will do as your told!" my father glared at me.
Well he could just keep glaring it wouldn't change anything.
I slammed my hand down on the table, the silver ornaments rattled dangerously, two silver candle sticks fell and rolled onto the floor. Clattering loudly.
"I don't need protecting!" I screamed. I slammed the paper back down on the table, my hand stinging from the bute force.
I glanced around the room, frightened maids stared at the floor and the family members had paused eating mid bite.
The anger, and betrayal burned me, I kicked my chair over for no particular reason and panted with the heavy weight of anger.
I wanted to run, I wanted to hide behind my mum like I had when I was younger, but I couldn't this time, I stood my ground trying to hold back the tears.
They led them in seconds later, I shut my eyes, tight, I didn't want to see, just for a while longer, I didn't want to know.
I couldn't stop the noise though, agonized whining, deep dog crys coming from near me, my lip trembled.
I opened my eyes slowly, he had got six, six dogs, they looked just like dogs, more like wolves really, they were just a lot bigger, the biggest one could probably look me in the eye without too much trouble.
The thick collars on their necks were the only things that told on lookers that they were demons, the collars strangled them each step they took, spikes cutting into their necks, which is why the collars were
coated in dried blood.
I couldn't look. I felt nausia hit me like a punch to the gut.
I gazed at their eyes, such human eyes,they seemed to beg me to help them, to free them, but I couldn't.
"If only Miss was here to see this," One of the maids muttered "She would be horrified."
She would.
She would be turning in her grave.
"Dad, what have you done?" I asked hysterically,my voice suddenly a whisper. I held onto the table for support, mum would never of let him do this.
I shook violently, looking over the wolves, chained like wild beasts, like monsters. Abused, demeaned, their pride stolen.
They looked at me, one in particular, the wolf with the hazel, almost yellow eyes, looked at me, not resentment, just a bitter understanding in his eyes.
A grey and withered old man, who handled the dogs noticed my stare and misunderdstood, he kicked the dog in the chest and I heard the sickening snap of ribs breaking in his chest.
He wimpered in agony.
I gave my dad a frantic look, which he returned with a smug smile, before I couldn't stand it anymore, I fled the room, my dress flying out behind me, the pins in my mad half curly hair had long fallen out and messy curls chased after me.
The tears I held back ran freely.
Why did you have to die mum?

The End

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