"Hey, babe. The canyons are coming up fast. I'm gonna havta let you go for now. I'll call yeah when I get out of them. K, love you too." A man said as he closed his cellphone shut.

He reached over to his stereo player and pressed play, a CD started playing. It started to play a Marilyn Manson song. The bass surrounded the inside of the truck, loud and heavy. Three minutes into the song, he was shifting the gears into turning on the first corner, he slowed down a lot and got ready to turn.

His eyes widened and he freaked, stomping onto the breaks and pulled on a string hanging above the window on his left. He jerked the his wheel to the right and the truck tipped over by the sudden reaction. What he saw in front of him was the cement blocks, then the mountians on the other side of the cliff side ways. His fingers shaken from the incident.

He snapped out of it after he remembered about the other vehicle. He looked behind him to see how far he was from the road, he wasn't that far. His cargo saved him enough room to safely get out of the front passenger side. Opening the passenger window, he climbed out and crawled his way over the cargo he was pulling on the semi-truck. The song on his disc was just ending and another started up playing right after it finished. Once he got to the end, he jumped off and ran to the other car.

The other car looked like it got hit by his cargo. Severaly damaged on the driver's side. He got closer and saw that it wasn't the driver's side he was looking at; it was the passenger's side. He swung around looking for the other side of the car. When his eyes looked at his cargo, seeing that half of the other side of the car was under it; crushed like a  soda can. Under the yellow-orangish lights, he saw a dark colour splatted in the area of the other side of the car.

His stomach couldn't handle what he saw. He dropped to his hands and knees and vomited. When he was done, he waped away some vomit from the sides of his mouth and turned to look at the passenger side of the car. When he spotted someone in the passenger seat, he got up and ran.

"Are you alright? Can you hear me" He said loudly when he got closer. He reached out and supported the head up.

"Oh my god, NO!" He yelled out when he saw her stomach. "NO!"

The End

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