"Why do you always have to be so calm in these kind of situations?" he asked angerly as he put the high beems back on after the last car had passed us by.

I wanted to reply back with 'Because someone has to be calm.' but I didn't want to make the problem worse as it is now. I had my seatbelt under my bloated belly. I was expecting in three months, a child of his and mine. We were planning on having a child for two years and we're going to be having one soon.

"What! Are you ignoring me, now." he said, still angry as he turned on a rounded corner, barely touching the cement blocks on the side of the cornered road.

We don't fight often. He's frustrated, because one his cousins said something to him well we were visiting his family.

"I'm not ignoring you, Geoff. I didn't want to drive at night time this time." I said to him, but I didn't mean it to sound sarcastic. I looked out my side of the window and watched the shadows of the from the headlights moving by fast. "Can you slow down, we're in the canyon now." Shoot! Not again. I thought as I turned my head to him to say sorry for sounding sarcastic.

That same moment I turned, his hands jerked on the wheel on another corner. This corner was more sharp and narrow then the rest. My eyes widen when I saw headlights coming towards us, a horn went off and never stopped. I didn't know what to do, but my only reaction was screaming, all I heard was the screeching of tires and the jerk of the car moving in one direction. Then I can't remember what happened after.

The End

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