This is a story I wrote last September, well started. I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm looking for feedback, I might roll it in to another story I'm already writing. Feedback welcome!

My eyes shot open suddenly sending my body upright from the bed. Breathing heavily I took in my surroundings. Panic set in as my eyes struggled to adjust to the dark of the room. Where am I? I thought looking for something familiar to ease my racing heart. Sweat trickled down my chest; I could feel the slow tickle of the liquid as it climbed down my shirt between my breasts. Moving quickly I reached next to the bed for the light. The sudden burst of yellow light blinded me momentarily, rendering me helpless to the imaginary attackers that had plagued my nightmares moments before. Rubbing my face I slowed my breathing.  The soft white comforter engulfed my body as I lay my head back to my pillow. A muffled snort came from the other side of the bed. I looked to my left to see my fiancée snoring softly, unmoved by my psychological escape from the grips of death. “Phew, you’re still asleep” I whispered aloud placing my head upon his chest. He shifted slightly, stirring only long enough to adjust his junk and fart. “How romantic “ I said chuckling, pressing the blankets tighter against his body. Running my fingers gently along his chest plate the images of my nightmare flashed before my eyes. Shaking away the thoughts I listened to the beating heart beneath my ear. The steady rhythm of his breath lulled me slowly back into unconsciousness and back into the dream world I ran so far from. Dreams came quickly, emotions changed from happy to sad as they progressed into the stressful and panic stricken nightmares that sent me shooting from my bed for the coffee pot. I could not shake them, they were becoming more and more prominent. “Are you there Princess?” A voice cut through my thoughts as I came to. I blinked focusing my eyes on the playful blue eyes before me. His smile was magical, melting my heart with every flash. I stared at his face unmoved enjoying its beauty. “I’m here baby” I said placing my hand on his cheek. I watched as his eyes closed, moving his head to cup my hand between his shoulder cheek. Kissing it gently he placed it back down on my chest. “We have to get ready love, we’ve got things to do today!” He said, excitement raising in his voice. I could not imagine what he was talking about. It was Saturday, what huge plans could we possibly have? I asked myself these questions as I swung my feet from beneath the covers. The warmth beckoned me prompting me to reconsider going any further. I stood anyway letting the soft brown carpet beneath my feet cushion my venture to the bathroom. Flitting to the bathroom in nothing but a t-shirt would get me noticed and this is not always the best way to go about my morning. A playful wink or lift of my leg would surely mean a mid-morning romp beneath the covers, and adding the need for a shower to my routine. I entered the bathroom quickly to avoid just this. I sat vulnerable to attack from the crazy kitten living in my windowsill as she became more accustomed to her new home. I looked around the tiny bathroom absorbing the terrible décor and dated flooring that would later have to be replaced. My brain began turning, shooting images across my retinas of the potential this dinky room held. Suddenly a knock broke my concentration. “Everything coming out ok?” I heard from the other side of the door. A muffled laughter followed as he walked back toward the bedroom. It wasn’t until this moment, I realized then that I had been in there for a long time and it was time to wrap up my daydream of new bathroom flooring. I stood again looking to the dated flooring that carried into the small hallway. The brown stained floors were less than desirable when we purchased the home but potential and Thomas had convinced me otherwise. I really could not complain, it was a great house at a great price. The small three bedroom cape had everything we needed and it was ours. Buying a house was the biggest decision of my life and it had happened. Excitement and nausea washed over me as I began to think about the upcoming projects Tom and I would be taking on in the near future.
The End

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