Scene Two: The MultiverseMature


The lights fade in tinted blue. The stage is empty but AUDREY, lying where she fell.


AUDREY: Where..what the.... (she rises slowly) (yelling:)Mitchell? (beat) Lola? (beat) Macey?

SHOCK (creeps onto stage): Look at what the cat dragged in…

AUDREY: Mitchell? Is that you?

SHOCK: Hah! She thinks she knows me by name. She thinks she can talk to me.

AUDREY: What the fuck Mitchell? It’s Audrey.

SHOCK: What’s an Audrey? Some sort of plant? A type of fast food? Does it go well with mushrooms?

AUDREY: I’m an Audrey.

SHOCK: What a peculiar name…

AUDREY: What’s your name then?

SHOCK: It sounds a lot like a light in the dark.

AUDREY looks at him quizzically.

SHOCK: It rhymes with “dark” and creates light…a...

ELECTRA(enters slyly): Spark.

AUDREY: The fu--

SHOCK: And that's my dearest sister Electra, she has a way of...Appearing...

ELECTRA: Out of no where, yes, yes, we've been over this introduction thousands of times, dear brother.

AUDREY: Thousands? So I'm not the--

SHOCK: First to fall through the Dissension.

ELECTRA: Not at all, There are far to many of you to even consider writing a story about. It's the ones that live to make it back that are worth telling.

AUDREY: Ones who make it back?

SHOCK: Oh yeah, you might die.

AUDREY (Sarcastically): Thanks...

ELECTRA: The first thing we have to do is the renaming.

AUDREY: The renaming?

SHOCK: If we run around calling you Audrey, you'd be dead in seconds. That name is so...alter-dimensional.

ELECTRA: You know what they do to multiversers? They...

SPARK: Strap them to tables and cut them open without anesthetic...

ELECTRA: And rip out non-vital organs while you're still alive.

SPARK: If you're lucky you die quickly...

ELECTRA: But if they like the way you squirm


SPARK: They pump you full of adrenaline and tear you apart til your heart explodes from agony. I've seen it happen (examines her nails)

AUDREY: And you are...

SPARK: Shock, but you can call me The Renamer. Or Mistress if you'd prefer.

AUDREY: I don't take orders...

SHOCK: From anyone?

SPARK: You do now. Otherwise you will die. (she shrugs) All it takes is one wrong word, one misplaced foot. And you cease to exist. In this world and your own.

ELECTRA: Pity...

AUDREY shoots her a nasty glare.

AUDREY: How exactly does--

SHOCK: One go about a renaming?

AUDREY: Can't I just choose a new name that suits your reguards?

SPARK: If only it were that simple. You see you've been...well... bestowed to us. Since we were small children we were drawn to each other by a force. That force is our overlord, our namer. And beneath that force there are hundreds of groups like us.

SHOCK: We're called The Current. We're overseen by Voltaic, the elemental of lightning. So basicall..

SPARK: Shut up, Spark. This is my job.

SHOCK: But I like explaining.. and we all know I'm in you head anyways.

SPARK: Don't make me incinerate you.

SHOCK: Ohhh, aren't we fancy? You know you make me hot anywa--

ELECTRA: Both of you, shut up otherwise you're going to get as all killed. (She looks to the sky)

AUDREY: Wait, so I'm just supposed to listen to you? Two babbling idiots and some psycho biyatch?

ELECTRA glares at her.

AUDREY: I'm sick and tired of you pompous morons telling me what to do!

SHOCK: I wouldn't finish that thought if I were you...

ELECTRA (yelling): You're ungrateful and useless, why do I even bother helping you multiversers?

The weather begins to stir, thunder can be heard and lightning seen.

ELECTRA: Look at what you've made me done...

AUDREY: You..?

SPARK: Electra, it wasn't you.. it's the renaming process. It's begun.

AUDREY: But what am I to do? You still haven't told me.

SHOCK: You'll know soon enough.


The End

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