Scene One: Run Forest (sic) RunMature


Enter AUDREY, followed by MACEY, MITCHELL and LOLA stage left onto a dimmed stage.

MACEY: Are you sure we're allowed to be here?

AUDREY: Can you just shut up and walk? No one invited you anyways


MITCHELL: So where are we going anyways?

AUDREY: Can you just shut up and follow me?

LOLA: You know it's not a legitimate answer, responding with a question?

AUDREY: Then why are you still doing it?

LOLA: Why are you?

MACEY (quietly): Guys... shut up...I think something over there is moving...

AUDREY: What the hell? You're so stupid Macey.

MACEY: No, I swear...

AUDREY: Come on Mitchell, when did you become such a pussy?

MITCHELL: You know you're really rude to me, right?

AUDREY(pauses for a moment): You're right. Too bad I don't care. There’s no one there… come on Mitchell. (she takes him by the hand and he pulls away)

MITCHELL: I’m good actually.

AUDREY: Fine, but you’re all pathetic. (she runs across the stage and trips)


The End

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