Funny how we find ourselves in entirely different worlds.
Rated mature for profane language.


Audrey Delong: 18. Female. Audrey is a hardass. She enjoys swearing, beating people up and yelling. She is always in control. She is secretly hopelessly in love with Mitchell.

Mitchell Alexander: 18. Male. Audrey's oldest friend, he bends to her will; but his new-found pride is causing him to rebel.

Macey Alexander: 16. Female. Mitchell's sister. She contrasts Audrey. Macey is logical, sweet and openly emotional. Macey's only concern is Mitchell's well-being and she often fears for his safety

Lola Estrange: 17. Female. Lola often finds herself wound up in a lot of trouble that she doesn't know how to deal with. She seeks refuge from Audrey and is unbreakablely loyal. But when Michelle doesn't agree, she isn't afraid to talk out; she is the only one to have confronted and countered Audrey's beliefs.

Shock: Played by same as Mitchell. Shock is Mitchell's rebellious side, he has the ability to complete people's sentances (telepathy) and has slight, untrained telekenetic powers.

Electra: Played by same as Macey. Electra is outspoken and prone to violent outbursts. She has the ability to start fire at a glance and change the weather.

Spark: Played by same as Lola. She hates when people don't agree with her and gets easily attached to people. Her "Death Glares" are known to set fire to things. She doesn't understand what it is to be broken and falls hopelessly in love with Audrey

The End

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