Demons runMature

Landy woke up on the fifth day and felt rejuvenated. For the first time in his life he slept without nightmares, without big men leering over him. He had dreamed of his power, of his gift, the ability to at some level intrinsically understand the metaphysics of temporal dynamics and time travel. Just yesterday the very idea of going back in time made his head hurt but now the whole confusing mish mash of timey wimey insanity seemed easily navigable.

He lay in silence, staring at the barren ceiling in quiet contemplation until a thought emerged from his subconscious 'Remember the note?'

The note he had been told to look for on Friday, the fifth day. The lyrics of a Bob Geldof song came swimming into his head 'Tell me why? I don't like mondays' followed by the sound of menacing clapping. Landy began to get a sinking feeling that this was as good as his day was likely to get. 'Why would I warn myself about the note so early?' 'Why would I even need to leave a note?'

As Landy pondered these questions, he got up, gathered up his meagre belongings and began looking for a note. He found a post-it with a single instruction on and an arrow. the instruction was 'Run!'

Landy ran in the suggested direction, as a vast flying machine that stank of rotting flesh rammed its way in though the side of the house. Landy paused for a moment to get a proper look and saw that the machine looked like a shark had swallowed a tumble drier and now the shark was rotting but still alive or at least still snarling and biting as vast jets jutting out from a hole in its belly kept it aloft while twin machine guns jutted out from the shark's sides.

Landy ran through the door and off down the street, suddenly very aware of how much he wanted to live. He passed pedestrians on the street, young mums and hoodies alike and winced as he passed each of them. A massive flying robot zombie shark with guns was chasing after him and  everyone he passed was just trapped in a war they didn't understand, a war he didn't even really understand.

He ran over a manhole cover and was suddenly tasting asphalt as he was smacked bodily against the ground. Aching all over but feeling invulnerable because of the adrenaline running through his veins, he rolled over onto his side and fought back against the robot zombie person that was trying to bite or snap his neck.

Landy tensed then kicked the zombie in the groin, hitting metal, realizing the robot zombie was probable invulnerable to melee attacks and decided to try and roll on top of him instead. Landy soon learned that one of the weaknesses of a robot zombie is that their center of gravity is fairly fixed and thus they are fairly easily overturned.

Having played a million different zombie games Landy knew the safest place to be was usually the least expected, so he climbed down the ladder and recovered the manhole.

As he neared the bottom of the shaft he began to her voices, and not the usual 'Why don't you just die?' voices either but happy, cheerful and triumphant ones.

The End

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