Untitled 2005

A mix of emotions. I guess a reflection on some teenage years.

It was cold. The front door was open and the 'bleeping' sound wouldn't cease. Thinking. The air between the  hair follicles trapped. Mind trapped. Tripped. 

The petals flying. Yellow against the dark grey pavement. Bits of broken feelings. Hard, black soles of my shoes. 

I kept on wishing. Be able to see. To have a vision. See and love what I see.

Dull colors of the night. A big white hole in the black silk of the sky. Moon.

Opaque. Dark. Windy. I close the door. Like in a box. Trapped, locked up. I wish.

Things always remain the same. Felt like escaping. It's not always easy. Turned the key. Let the engine work for a second or two. 

The 'reserve' light wasn't flashing. Then. Driving until it will. Driving. Escaping. Wishing.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Looked in my rear-view mirror to see nothing but opaque almost plastic darkness.

The night's creatures were out. She walked around in a long sleeved dress, collecting their souls and folding them nicely as though they were new.

Second hand hope and love for sale. Both are 'out of date'. In a good condition, almost new.

Hit the brakes.

The End

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