Silent, the cold air grasped onto me like claws onto my skin. The clank of my footsteps echoed as I walked across the marble floor. The smell of burning candles tickled the tips of my nostrils. Bright orange and yellow flames flickered below a small, oval window as the sun's rays beamed through it, giving it an orange tint, the light reflecting off of the glistening floor.

Pillars surrounded the whole room, each with its own unique Celtic pattern. Above the pillars, circling the whole palace was a thick strip of golden coloured steel with big, black Greek lettering printed along it. The rounded roof arched from one side of the room to the other, metal squares lined neatly into it, a symmetrical pattern in each one.

In the centre of the room was a big, metal chamber with tall, twisting pillars which led up to a small roof with statues of iron angels and cherubs, that seemed to be looking at you, their empty eyes following you as you walk. Four strips of metal, that had been curved to meet, stood on top of the chamber. As they met at the top, a small golden ball sat on top of them.

Directly below the chamber was a long, wooden crate. Six candles stood on top of it. It seemed to be in the centre of the room. As even with the beautiful pillars and angels, your eyes were still drawn to the cross.

The End

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