A romance story that I started writing a few years ago. I'm not debating whether to continue it or not.

Nikki was sitting on her front steps listening to 'Handguns and Second  Chances.' by Senses Fail.
"I am not another stupid little teenage fucking whore." She sang with the lyrics, a soft smile crossing her small lips.
Her bright blue eyes stared out into the streets, finishing the lyrics to the song.
Afterwards, the song changed to 'Can't Be Saved.' Another one by Senses Fail.
Her mind returned to that place, that no one else would go.

A dark, sad place that not many kids would even dare go to.
The one where suicide, and everything dark like it would be loved.
Not hated.  
"Go fill up a glass with tonic rocks and gin, and drink yourself to happiness." She whispered, the sudden urge to drink filling her mind, body, and soul.
She truly was an odd seventeen year old girl.
Life had no purpose in her mind.
What was the purpose of it, born, live, then die?
What were you suppose to do between all that stuff?
Go through heartbreaks, unwanted love, pain, and drama?
That's what it seemed like it was for, to her.
Nikki wondered if there was actually more to life, then what she was being shown.

She had everything, just the kind of things any person would want.
A small body, perfect curves, perfect weight.
No need to be motivated to do anything for herself.
Her father had too much money for her to do stuff herself.
A sudden idea hit her mind, almost like someone had slapped her in the back of her head.
'Maybe the reason I feel the way I do is because I live too high in society to understand what's out there.' She thought.
Deciding she needed more than just this, she stood up, and walked down the street, her cd player in her hand.

She looked around, seeing houses that were similar, but looked worse than hers. Compared to the houses on her street, her father's looked the best.
Their were people who were actually working in their yards, cleaning them up, and not using a maid.
Nikki started to feel very different than those who she found outside of the world her dad had always kept her in.
She turned left when she reached the end of the street, seeing a small park ahead of her.
There were dogs with owners in the park. Tossing Frisbees, and balls, watching the dogs fetch them.
She walked through the park, seeing tons of young children playing.

Not paying attention at that exact moment, she ran into someone.
Caught off guard, she nearly fell backwards, but the unknown person had caught her.
She looked up to see gorgeous green eyes, and pale skin underneath black hair.
Tearing her eyes away from the boy, she stood up straight, pulling her ear buds out.
She stared at him, until he said, "I've never seen you around here."
His voice was intoxicating, and sounded as soft as velvet.
"I live right down the street." She replied, feeling her heart beat faster.
He studied her for a few moments, then said, "Your one of those girls who don't live so low, aren't you?"
"Well, your rude." She said. "But yes I am."
"Then what are you doing out here?" He asked,  his green eyes showing curiosity.
"Getting a life other than the one I'm living in." She replied, trying not to make a fool of herself.
"And what exactly made your pretty self want to have a life other than the one that everyone else lives for you?" He asked.
"That fact exactly." She replied. "I'm sick of not knowing what else is out there than just a life of sadness, and despair."
She was smart, and he knew it.
Not only was she smart, but she was gorgeous as well.
"You'll learn a lot more out here." He said. "You have to work, pay bills, and clean all by yourself."
She couldn't believe how interested she was in all this. She could feel her adrenaline kicking in, as a urge to know more than what she already knew.
"Can you show me?" She asked.
"Sure." He replied, taking her small hand in his, and pulling her to walk with him.
He didn't let go of her hand, but after a few moments, she found herself gazing at everything around her.
Forgetting the hand that held hers.
"So, how did you wind up here?" He asked.
"My Dad." She said. "He wanted to move from the area we were living in, to somewhere smaller. But of course, he still has to have a nice house, and everything."
"So, your Dad wouldn't be satisfied with anything, but the best?" He asked, looking at her as they walked.
"Exactly." She said. "After seventeen years of it, I'm ready to go out and learn what you people know. My Dad told me not to, but I want to."
"Us people?" He asked, slightly surprised at how she referred to them as. Almost like they were a lot lower than what everyone thought. "Sweetheart, we're just the same as you, just with less money."
"Sweetheart?" She said. "Well, my father always made it sound like anyone that doesn't live like me is disgusting."
He stopped suddenly, and said, "Look at me, and then yourself. What is different, besides the fact that you're a girl, and I'm a guy? The money is the difference, nothing else."
She considered this for a few moments, then nodded in agreement.
"You have a point." She said. "And by the way, you never told me your name."
"It's Aiden." He said. "And what's yours?"
"Nikki." She replied.

Ending the conversation, and walking again, Aiden headed toward the far end of the park.
Nikki looked behind her to see the sun getting lower in the sky.
"Where are we going?" She asked.
"You'll see." He said.
Aiden took her up a huge hill, helping her along the way. High society girls, as he called them, had no experience climbing.
Once at the top, Aiden guided her further back, and turned her to face where the sun was setting.
"Wow.." She whispered.
"Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked.
"It's gorgeous." She replied, staring at the purple, and pink clouds against the blue sky.
"If you think that's gorgeous, you should see the sun rising." He said. "Maybe one of these days, I'll show you."
"I'd like that." She said.
Nikki looked at him for a few moments, then back at the setting sun.
Her heart felt like it had jumped straight up into her throat.
She didn't know what she was feeling, what it was, but she loved it.

Nikki was so consumed by the sights around her, she never noticed Aiden's  gaze at her.
He took in every small curve, every fine line.
The way her blonde hair flowed gracefully down her back intreged him.
Looking into her bright blue eyes was almost enough to lose him completely.
Aiden had never seen someone quite like Nikki in his life.
He sighed softly, running a finger lightly up her arm, quickly catching her attention.
"What are you doing?" She asked, tilting her head slightly in curiousity. '
"You have soft skin." He commented.
"Thanks, I suppose." She said, smiling, a small blush crossing her cheeks.

The End

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