Untitled - Prologue part 2Mature

Director Granger rose from his seat and once again took off his glasses. He picked up his steaming coffee in a somewhat prolonged manner and sipped at it tentatively, staring at the professor as if trying to make her dissolve. This was not the kind of information that he wanted to hear. Not this early. Not now. A solitary bead of sweat rolled down his temple.

The office was silent.


Whipping out a pristine white handkerchief from his trouser pocket, the director mopped his face nervously. He had to focus on maintaining his cool mask of indifference. If the professor could sense any change in his composure, then that would be it. The entire department would begin to get suspicious. All of his work would be questioned. There'd be a full investigation; and all of the ‘odd’ data from the past year would be discovered for what it was. ‘I won’t allow this to happen.’ He thought to himself with mounting panic.

Granger turned to look out of the immense floor to ceiling window. In the reflection, he could see the mirrored perfection of his office, equipped with an impatient looking woman. He had no time to worry about this now; the lady was awaiting his answer.

Preparing himself, the director cleared his throat.

 “Rachel, Rachel. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The boys from the Department of Submarine Operation and Support have been experimenting with a number of their new...playthings. I imagine that the reason you can’t identify the vessels is that they simply haven’t been processed yet. The scientists were going to leave processing the units until after testing, to avoid another repeat of project 295.”

Professor Ralston nodded in understanding. Project 295 was the worst mistake that the organisation had ever made.

 “And in the meantime?”

 “In the meantime...” Granger began, steadily navigating his office as he spoke. “Override the system monitors and ensure that the experiments go undetectable. We know that they are there, so it shouldn’t make a difference if they…disappear. Make sure that nobody - and I mean nobody interrupts the experiments. Another catastrophic event on our part and this organisation is finished...Now, Professor Ralston, if you please…”

 Granger gestured towards the black office door he had subtly made his way towards. It was a blatant incentive for the professor to leave. Upon exiting, Rachel hesitated momentarily. “I don’t like this...” Granger shut the door firmly, leant back with a sigh and returned to his now cold coffee.


The End

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