Untitled - NaNoWriMo 2010 Number 3/4

*CHAT 382/548/093* *MJL / EJD*

#01EJD: Are you all right?

#02MJL: Do I look like I’m all right? Of course I’m not bloody all right. What sort of an idiot are you?

#01EJD: Dude, don’t take it out on me. I was just asking. At least I cared enough to ask you, right?

#02MJL: Sure, sure. You’re just hoping I’ll forgive you and actually listen for once, aren’t you? Well, it ain’t going to happen.


#01EJD: You’re just jealous. I mean, I always knew you were bitter but I never thought you’d actually take it out on me like this. Honestly, it’s pathetic that you’d hold on for this long. After everything that we had together I would have thought you’d be grown up enough to forget it and move on.

#02MJL: Duh, you always hated me. I knew it from the start. Just waiting for the opportune moment to stab me in the back, weren’t you? Just wondering how long it would take before I was vulnerable and you could take your chances.

#01EJD: Not true. You just didn’t know a good friend when you saw one.

#02MJL: Maybe that’s because all of the people I’ve thought were good friends ended up being traitors and liars like the rest of them.


The End

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