Until You Say The Words : Chapter 1

 Until You Say The Words : Chapter 2 : Jake


It was a thursday evening. The air was crisp and cold. A boy with a blue striped scarf sat on the bench across the street from his own house. His head was facing left and his eyes were focused on the big moving truck in the driveway of 1002 Krest Avenue. The house had been vacant for the past ten years, collecting dust, and unwanted rodents. The boy watched the family unpack the truck with a fascination that wasn't hidden at all. The family had to have something wrong with them, he thought. Who would want to buy that old place?

          But as the boy walked closer to take a better look he realized they were nothing like that. They were perfect. Each had beautiful blond hair and storm grey eyes. Each had perfect features. The girls; high cheekbones, long eyelashed, and full lips. The boys; muscular arms, even the little one who looked to be only six years, and a square jaw.

          Again the boy was confused. Why had the perfect family bought a house that was not at all like themselves? Curiosity took over him and he began to walk over to the old place. He could not stop his feet and in seconds he was standing in their driveway, leaning against a leather chair they had forgotten to bring up.

          Soon, he was noticed. Not by the mom, the dad, or the brothers, but by a a girl. ou could tell she was his age, but for some reason, he thought she was older. Maybe it was the way she did things like an adult would. Taking it slow, figuring a plan out before messing everything up. And she was just moving furniture! If he were her, he wouldn't be helping his parents. He would be watching from the sidelined. His head stuck in a gameboy. The girl was peculiar, but so was he. The girl slowly came over to him, her feet gliding on the cracked driveway as if it were polished wood. She close the distance in three long strides, coming to his side.

          "Who are you?" she asked in a voice that sounded like velvet.

          "Umm..." the boy stumbled as she tried to find his own name "My..name is Jacob." He stook out his hand, but then pulled it away. Embarrassed.

          "Hello, Jacob." This time she pulled out his hand with her left arm and shook with her right. "My name's Veronica. And is you call me that you'll have to learn to walk with only one leg."

          Jake was astonished by her sudden toughness. He thought the girl was going to be all sweet and loving. A 'good girl'. A girl with straight A's, a girl who loved to be the teacher's pet.

          "What do you want me to call you then?"

          "Ronnie. Call me Ronnie."

The End

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