Until You Say The Words

         Until You Say The Words : Prologue : Jake


          I know writing this makes me seem like a nerd. Trust me, I am no where nere nerdy. But I don't care at all. You deserve to know.
          Someday you will read this and finally know how I feel. I can't just say this to your face. I'm too much of a chicken. If I said it to you're face you might punch me or hurt me with your words. Actually, I'm scared that you would tell him what I had said. He would beat me up. Yeah, Ronnie please don't show him this. Please? 
          See, I like you. I like you alot. Way more than alot. Maybe even...love you? I know it's crazy, I know you're not 'my girl' you're his. You belong to him now, Veronica. Oops, sorry forgot you didn't like when people call you by your real name. Yeah, so okay, Ronnie. I love you. There I said it! But it's true. I do. What I'm trying to say is...I'd do anything for you. I'd jump of a cliff if you wanted me to. I'd go away and never see you or anybody in Boston ever again. That's how strong my love is. That's why I didn't fight for you. I just wanted you to be happy, to have someone to cry on or to kiss you good night, whether that was him or me, I just wanted that. And it seems he makes that happen. I do not.
          This isn't some diary about love. It isn't some confession of love by a heartbroken dude. It's a story. A story of how I met you. What I felt and still do feel. What I felt when you slapped me, put your arms around me, and said you didn't like me. I want you to know what I felt when Tyler's arms appeared on your shoulders. Arms that I wished were mine. I want you to know, that even after what happened, my love stands as strong as ever. How it will be until you say the words.

The End

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