Until We Meet AgainMature

Stacey is reunited with a past lover, and although things have changed in the past eighteen months, she and James may just rekindle what they never had..

     "Greaaat."  I thought to myself as I saw the big group of people walk towards us. There was at least fifteen of them, and only five of us. To make matters worse, two of us weren't from around here, we were from the next town. I immediatly recognized the one who spoke. Jamaica. I knew her reputation, and I knew to keep my mouth shut without the warning from the two of my friends that were from here, Jordyn and Natalie. Annie didn't say anything. I flashed a quick look at Melissa, and I may as well have been looking in a mirror. She and I didn't want any trouble, we weren't even from this town. Jordyn closed her purse as tight as it would with the bottle bulging at the top. If she knew we had it, she'd beat us up until it was hers. We stopped, and I sized her up. I could fight pretty good, but she easily had fifty pounds on me, and I was 5'5 and 155 pounds. I hadn't been in a gang for two years, and our gang never got any attention from any other towns anyways. There was no way they knew me.

     "You were saying shit about me." Jamaica yelled in the direction of Annie.

     Annie quickly denied the accusations, but Jamaica persisted. I had just met Annie this evening, but now I was wishing I never did. From inside the crowd a short boy came out and walked towards Melissa and I.

     "Melissa! Stacey! Oh my god!"

     "Hey James!" I said, sounding a little too excited to see him. He was definatly a sight for sore eyes, considering I hadn't seen him since he moved here months ago. James began to talk to us, totally ignoring the rant Jamaica was on behind him. She was pointing each one of us out and finding something rude to say. She was done harassing Annie, and then looked at Natalie. They apparently had some inside joke from a math class the previous year. She quickly moved onto Jordyn, and with an abundance of laughter said "Jordyn Fuller! No one likes you! I mean no one! Everyone says stuff behind your back!"

     As much as this fueld my chagrin, I clenched my teeth and focused on James' eyes. If I hadn't gotten an abortion eighteen months ago, would our baby have his grey eyes? I quickly blocked that thought from my mind. James never even knew I was pregnant.  We weren't even dating. It had just been a one night stand. I'd been regretting the decision I'd made to have an abortion latley, though. James had grown up a lot. But what had been done had been done. There really wasn't much sense is telling him now. And even if I were ready to, this wasn't an appropriate time or place.

     Jamaica had made her way to me and was saying something about my face. As though her's were any nicer. I ignored her and continued talking to James. It was easy to tell he missed Pictou, a lot. I wasn't sure if it missed him, but I knew I did. Before Jamaica could find an imperfection on Melissa; Jordyn, Natalie and Annie decided to walk before anything got out of hand. I didn't want to leave James just yet, but I didn't have another choice.

     "Come back to Pictou some time" I said, slowly walking away.

     "I am this week. I'll see you later"

     I hoped it was a promise, but I'd never believe it was.

The End

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