Entry 3: Thanks To You, I Feel The Blues

     Mom finally stopped questioning me about my injuries around 10 o'clock. I climbed the stairs to my room, deciding to open the curtains for the night. I could see out over the city and sighed in upset. In the distance, the churning violets of Shadowmoon Valley accented the horizon. Why was I upset? Here recently, I've been thinking more an more on what happened back in Eversong nearly a year ago. I've been watching the rotation of the portals in the Terrace of Light, but I seem to be occupied every time the one for Silvermoon makes its rounds.

     The name that plagued my mind to this day, was that of Arthas Menethil. I'd heard of him before, he was the heir to the throne of Lordaeron. With Garrosh as Warchief, though, us Blood Elves were shut out from a lot that happened in the Horde. I laid down in my hammock, throwing my threadbare quilt over me. Looking out on the moon's glow, initiative coursed through me. I could get into the library and read up on Arthas. But, that would have to wait until morning. I couldn't risk opening up one of my bandaged wounds with no one around.

"Anaria shola, A'dal." I rolled over, facing the wall.


     Despite my pain, sleep came rather quickly. On the morrow, I rose from my slumber to find rain droplets littering my windowpanes. I drew the curtains and made my way downstairs. No one was up, so I peeked in my mothers room. Sure enough, she was still asleep. There was no sign of Bi'danas, giving me the impression he'd left for Aldor Rise already. I went outside to feed Fen, double checking his mini-stables.

"If I let you out on you run, I wouldn't have to bathe you." I pitched the idea, tossing some grain in his bucket. He turned his head, pulling at my hair.

"Guess you don't like that idea, huh?" I joked, rushing back under the porch to avoid getting soaked.

     Since it was raining, I could safely assume there wouldn't be any Drake training today. The young ones don't serve well in the elements. At that speculation, I noticed a note tied lazily to the front door knob. Opening it, the wind took with it the red string that had kept it to the door. On water blotched parchment was a collection of hastily written words.


I send my hopes that you are doing well after yesterday's incident. 

If the rain slows today, meet me in the Terrace of Light by the portals.

I have an apology gift for you.

With regards,


     I scoffed at the letter. What apology gift? My mind immediately went to what my mother and the troll on the elevator had suggested. Although, I in no way was qualified for a personal ownership of a flying mount. Strolling into the kitchen, the sound of a door opening behind me caused me to stand up straight.

"Zaelor, why're you up so early?" It was my mother, and I could tell something was off about her.

"It's nearly 10, mom. The weather is acting up so I went out to check on Fen." I shuffled about around her, trying to make myself some breakfast.

"Your brother told me you prayed to A'dal yesterday. What about?" A chill rushed over my skin, raising goosebumps along with it.

"For safe and quick recovery, that's all." I rushed out that sentence, taking my bread and heading for the living room.

     My mother made herself some tea and returned to her bed. If she was sick, it was only a matter of time until it made its rounds to me. I took small bites from the roll, ideas battling inside my head for their chance to get realized. Thunder boomed, hauling me back to reality. Setting my unfinished food on the table, I grabbed my cloak and rushed outside. The rain had only picked up slightly, but puddles were forming all over Scryer's Tier.

"Sorry, Fen, I've got somewhere to be." I cast him an earnest look, despite his caws of protest.

     As fast as my injured legs could carry me, I ran to the elevator. It seemed like it was running slower than normal, which was nothing more than an annoyance. Once I reached the bottom, I pushed passed people who were equally in a hurry to get out of the rain. Once I reached the inside of the Terrace of Light, warmth pressed on my wet cloak and wove itself through my hair. I took on a calmer demeanor now that I was indoors, walking at my normal pace down some stairs to the lower level.

     There, near the portal master, was Barthamus. He looked as if he were hiding something, talking really close to the person managing the portals. Clearing my throat, he turned around with a smile.

"Zaelor. Braved the storm I see. How're you holding up?" Barthamus looked me up and down, my soggy cloak still clinging to me.

"F-Fair, I suppose. The rain didn't seem like it was going to let up so I decided to show up now, per request of your letter." I removed my hood, pinning some stray hairs behind my ear.

"Ah, yes. Glad to see my assistant got the right place. Now, onto the apology gift." Barthamus pursed his lips, putting an arm on my shoulder.

"Barthamus, you-"

"I'm sending you back to Silvermoon. Unfortunately, I can't manage Bi'danas and your mother's transport, but yours I guarantee." The crowds inside picked up, causing him to speak closer to me.

     My eyes found themselves met with his, and my brows furrowed. I couldn't just up and leave my family here, especially my mother. But, part of me wanted to be at peace with all the demons inside my head, their questions threatening to drive me mad. 

"That's an insane thing to ask of me, you know. I've a family here." Barthamus lead me over to a sitting area. The stone seats were surprisingly warm to my legs.

"I know how you work, Zaelor. You're in no way content with being in this city. I see it in the way you train the Netherwings, how you handle Fen, and how you talk about your father. I can't begin to imagine what trauma you experienced a year ago, but this is how I can think to help you." I was being overwhelmed. So much being thrown at me, I might as well have been standing still in a hurricane.

"I-I'd have to pack, and tell my mother. And Bi'danas, and make sure Fen could handle another portal travel." I looked at my palms. I was unsure if their shaking was caused by being cold, or the combination of fear and exhilaration.

     Despite never giving a direct answer, Barthamus handed me a burlap satchel, its contents of gold immeasurable to someone like me. I'd never had so much money, and I didn't even know what was expected of me with it. To everyone's surprise, the rain let up about noon. I went back to my home in Scryer's Tier, bummed that Zuxeshi wasn't there to talk to on the way up. My mother wasn't home either.

     I hung my cloak up, going upstairs to begin packing. I never said yes, why am I doing this? Despite my minds oppositions, my hands continued to place items in leather bags I'd made back in Silvermoon. As I got to the last of everything, my hands reached for the frame that held Tynonia's glove. Its blues and golds still vibrant, thanks to never being exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period. I smirked, incentive sparking in my brain.

"I'll find you, Ty. I'm coming home." I wrapped the frame in my quilt, forcing it into a backpack.

     My room was now nearly bare. The only remaining things were my hammock, pillow, nightstand, dresser, and curtains in front of my windows. I took in the sight. This is what it looked like when I arrived, and what it is as I'm leaving. I reached for the doorknob, but felt a headache force me backwards.

Talah. You mustn't go. 

     The presence I felt inside my head was like what I felt last night while praying at the altar. Could it truly be A'dal answering me? I ignored it, shaking my head and leaving the room with my bags. Mother still wasn't home, which I was okay with. I despised confrontations. Now that I was outside to Fen, attaching all of my bags, she approached.

"Zaelor, dear, what are you doing? Why are you all packed up?" She was carrying a new Bloodthistle plant.

"Just out, mom. Don't worry." I snapped the reins on Fen, disregarding her further questions.

     It was now early evening, and the Terrace of Light was filled with its late-day priests wandering to A'dal. Barthamus wasn't present, but the portal master gave me a swift nod and motioned me over.

"Am I speaking with Zaelor Embervale?" The Human female waved her hand, a scroll appearing.

"Yes, indeed you are." I reached out, taking the scroll.

"Save travels, and Light be with you." The Mage quickly tossed a stone at the ground, light swirling upwards from it to create my passage.

     I dismounted, allowing Fen to step through first. I closed my eyes, dipping in one boot at a time until I became fully immersed with the portals energy. Silvermoon City, I'm coming home.


The End

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