Entry 1: The Day They Arrived

The life of a Blood Elf is one of prosperity and happiness. Until the Undead Scourge make their march on Silvermoon City, ravishing the once abundant beauty of Eversong Woods. Zaelor Embervale was leaving the city when the attack happened, seeking shelter in a nearby tree. Tynonia Brightheart, someone very dear to Zaelor, has a completely different experience.

     I felt the stones roll under my leather boots. Today was the day I ran errands for my parents and younger brother, getting items from the market and sewing materials for my mother. She has been egging me on more than usual lately to become a seamstress and work with her and the other women in the Bazaar. That's never been my thing. Instead, I began Leatherworking while my brother dabbled in priestly works. I guess being an only daughter, my mother hoped more of me. My father was on Silvermoon's Royal Guard, protecting the entryway to Lor'Themar Theron's chamber.

     The sun was shining on the golden city, as it did every day. Children ran between carts loaded with trade supplies, trying to pick at the scraps of food. No, Silvermoon didn't have a poverty problem. Blood Elf children can just be obnoxiously greedy. We were an affluent society, no tolerance for the dirt of beggars. The closest we got to that was the drunk who goes by Jero'me under the bridge leading into the city. He's good people, though. Has lots of stories.

"Heading to Fairbreeze today, Ms. Zaelor?" The tailor Talia, an aged Blood Elf, asked with a grin.

"You bet. Mother's run out of red and gold dye again, and needs some spools of black thread." I set down other bags I had been carrying on the counter.

"Sometimes its a curse to be a seamstress. You'd make it a lot easier on your poor old mother if you became one too, you know." Talia tied my items in a small paper sack, with the dye bottles wrapped in burlap.

"No, Talia! Not you too!" I groaned, laying the couple gold pieces on the counter for pay.

"Hey, don't shoot the messenger." She responded, laughing under her breath.

     I walked back out into the heat of the day, making for the stables just outside the main city gates. There, my Hawkstrider Fen was being watched over by the stable hands. I put all the things I'd bought today into a leather knapsack I made, slinging it over my shoulder. I ran my hand along the vibrant purples, pinks, and reds of Fen's feathers. His piercing blue eyes darted all over the place, signaling he was ready to depart.

     Mounting the back of the Hawkstrider, his wings beat against my legs, giving them a cool breeze as they hung over his sides. Backing out of his stable, I snapped the reigns with my eyes set forward. Fen let out an active caw, his clawed feet digging into the ground and leading us forward to Fairbreeze Village, the place of my mothers work. We slowed down our pace once we escaped the bustle of the city.

"So, what do you think, Fen? You're turning a year old soon, what do you want for your birthday?" I rubbed a hand down his slender neck, to which he happily cooed.

"I doubt dad would let me get you a lady friend. I only got a purebred like you because of who my dad works for." I looked around, making sure no stray Dragonhawks had wandered near the path.

     Our southward stroll was rather peaceful. You'd think in a place so busy like Silvermoon, the whole island would be as well. That's the beauty of it, all the crazy is contained within the city. We crossed a bridge over a small creek, signaling we only had a few more hills to go over before we reached Fairbreeze. As Fen's claws brushed against the bridge, I heard thunderous roars coming from near Silvermoon.

"Fen, let's go. We're checking this out." I patted him on the side, as he trotted near the sound.

     As we cantered closer to the sound, all I could see from the path were billowing clouds of ominous black smoke. Upon closer inspection, those clouds had faces. From those clouds, emerged a man in silver, black, and blue armor decorated in eerie skulls. His hair was thin and white, a cluster of whisps upon his shoulders. I tied up Fen to a nearby fence post that was hidden by bushes, he laid down to conceal himself.

     Whatever this was, it wasn't good. And the fact they were heading toward Silvermoon City made it even worse. There were children, elders, and Tynonia. My brother was off on assignment in Shattrath, and father was guarding our Regent Lord. Which means, Tynonia was the only one I had to really worry about. My mother would be safe in Fairbreeze. As I neared closer, I felt a sense of cold grip at my heart, but it only compelled me to go forward.

"Sylvanas, you will show yourself! That Sunwell you're protecting will belong to the Scourge!" This mans voice was wintry, yet robust.

"You may have slaughtered your people, but my rangers and I will defend this city with our lives!" I'd climbed a tree for secured viewing, watching as the Ranger General screamed at the haunting man.

"Your lives are all meaningless. With each of your deaths shall rise a new slave to my power," He pulled out a sheathed sword, "Your end is inevitable, Sylvanas Windrunner, just as your sisters."

"I will not allow you to take this city from us, Arthas Menethil." Sylvanas spat, her hood falling from her silvery blonde hair.

"Let's see where your vaunted justice gets you, pitiful elf." Arthas dismounted, readying his weapon.

     Thrilling silence hung in the air for a moment, until clad metal boots were heard approaching from the back of the rangers formation. A young, blonde haired female Blood Elf with her hair in a bun approached, decorated bow in hand. She stood next to Sylvanas, who was only feet from Arthas. The very ground below him was blackened with death, as creatures from all twisted imaginations waited behind him.

"Tynonia...no..." I whispered, my eyes widening at the sight before me.

"Rangers, attack!" Tynonia gave the command, and the battle commenced.

     I jumped down from the tree, rushing to get Fen and reach my mom. My father had most likely been alerted, and Silvermoon was on lock-down. Before I reached Fen, a monster from the mob behind Arthas had set its sights on me. Its soulless eyes gave puffs of bright blue smoke every now and then, but no other signs of being able to actually see were given. My hands were gathering sweat, which made it difficult for me to untie Fen's knots to the post.

"The Scourge... Will wash over this world... The Sunwell's power will belong to the Lich King!" The beast trudged closer to me, uttering the same words.

"No! No! Leave me alone!" Great, now I'd become nothing more than a helpless dame.

     I threw my body as much as I could over Fen, ignoring his crows of distress. I saw a weapon raised above me, its shadow grand over my skinny stature. A quick shick was heard, and the weapon was dropped beside Fen and I. I looked up to find an arrow in the monster's head, causing me to look around frantically for its source. A Ranger dropped from a tree, walking over to me.

"Zaelor, you have to get out of here!" It was Tynonia.

"B-But Ty, you're still here! I can't leave you!" I felt tears well in my eyes.

"What's happening now is monstrous, you must escape. There's royal Dragonhawks at Fairbreeze that can get you somewhere else for the time being." Tynonia pushed on me, but I resisted.

"I'm not leaving without you or Fen, Tynonia. Mother is in Fairbreeze right now, she's expecting me but we can all go. Come on!" I pulled on her glove, its silk gliding off her skin.

"I can't, Dalah'surfal, I must protect our people." Tynonia traced a finger on my cheek, running back to the heat of battle.

     I stuffed her glove into an inside pocket on my chest piece, hastily mounting Fen, and heading for Fairbreeze Village. Once I arrived, my mom quickly ran out to me. News had gotten back to her as to what was going on, and she'd made preparations. A Mage that was a passerby offered us all portals, safe transport out of Eversong. We chose Shattrath, the place of residence for my brother. I allowed my mother to ride Fen, and let them enter the portal first.

     Looking back, the carnage that I had seen up close was now merely the sounds of metal clashing, banshees screaming, and Blood Elves dying. I pressed my eyes shut hard, remembering Tynonia's golden eyes and soft featured face, and my father, for this would likely be my last time setting foot on Blood Elf territory.

The End

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