Jacer: Contagions? Irrelevant.

I walked down the hall, thinking on Aster's worry. She had told me nothing was wrong, but I knew now that was a form of reassurance. Though I worried for her, I would have to wait for that confrontation. For now I felt I should spend my time with Eddy, my sister.

It was still an odd feeling, this humanity. I had thought I was different at first, but ignored it due to the lack of importance it held, only later to find out about my artificial nature. It had shocked me, I now realized, and I began to act as robots should. 

It had only been after meeting that woman and experiencing Eddy and Aster's dislike of my actions that I had learned the true lack of importance was the nature of my birth. I was capable of emotions, and in turn, able to care for others. So, I would act upon those capabilities and help out those important to me.

I made my way to where my sister was, passing Jericho and an olive-skinned woman I did not know on the way. They were moving fairly slow, I thought, until I realized I was actually running. It was an odd feeling that passed through me, but I ignored it and focused.

"Jacer?" the man guarding the door to Eddy's room asked as I came near. "Sorry, man, but I can't let you in. The Fever is dangerous and all."

I smiled, unfazed by the man's words. "My apologies, but I am not worried about something as inconsequential as contagions." Before the man could react, I pushed past him and walked into the room. 

Eddy was laying on the bed, tossing back and forth while muttering something I could not make out. The sight of her struggling made me worry, but I tried my best to keep a smile on my face, as I imagined she would do if our roles had been reversed. It was hard, for some reason, but I managed. 

I sat down beside her on a chair that had been pulled up and took her hand in my own. SHe seemed to calm down somewhat, but still mumbled incomprehensible words under her breath. She would be fine, I told myself. Jericho had always come through so far. 

"Sister," I said, trying my best to remain calm through what I recognized as worry, "I am here with you. I am not sure how my presence will help with your condition, but you have it nonetheless." 

I sat for a moment, pondering how my Instincts knew of helping others. I didn't know, to be honest, but I did know you sat with loved ones who were sick. And you spoke to them about anything you could think of to distract from their condition. It was an odd sentiment, but Eddy seemed to be calming down somewhat, so I continued,

"I must apologize for my behavior recently," I told her. "I was acting out of a desire to fill the role I believed myself to have, not out of malevolence or any such thing. I truly appreciate the gift of life you have given me. I'll make sure to cherish it, as I cherish you. I'm glad I am this way, as well, as it allows me to be here without risk."

What else to say? Talking about Jericho seemed like a poor choice, given the emotional toll it was taking on Eddy as of late, and other things didn't seem important. I didn't know enough about our father to talk of him and it was odd to speak of things that were not relevant to the situation. 

Luckily, the door opening remedied my worries. The Healer was here. 

The End

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