Jacer: Flying

The airship flying through the air was no small wonder to me, though I could not fathom why. Te only solid conclusion I could come up with is that this was the first time I could actually focus on the flight instead of other matters, like battle or my own existence. Or maybe it was the captain's own feelings reaching me. 

The thought made me smile slightly. For I knew somehow that objects could not be influenced by emotions alone. I was no mere object. 

"Odd to see you smiling so early in the morning."

I turned to see Jericho walking my way. He had his usual neat clothing on and deployed an air of authority behind that faint smile. A general had to put on a calm demeanor in front of his troops. The crew were Jericho's troops, so it was no wonder he always put on that air. I couldn't remember where I learned that, so I assumed it was my instincts at play. They were useful.

"I was just thinking on how I am no ordinary... person." Yes, person sounded right. Didn't it?

The captain nodded. "That certainly is true. Not like any other I've met, to be sure." He turned and yelled at a coworker to be careful before turning back to me. "Well, my steaming friend, you enjoy the flight and don't fall or our dear Miss Eddy will have my head. I have to be a captain." 

With that, Jericho left. It left me wondering just where Edwina had gone to. I hadn't seen her since breakfast, just an hour earlier. Well, it mattered not. I felt secure in the thought of her safety aboard Jericho's airship, the Helio... Wait, what had he named it? Well, it mattered not. 

Now, I planned to go observe the crewmen. I needed to learn to be human. They knew something was off about me, but I did not think they knew about me being an automaton. It mattered not. 

With my current objective of learning and enjoying the sensation of flying through the air, I had little else on my mind. Despite this, I knew I had to eventually find Edwina and confirm her safety. Later, though. 

"Hello," I said to a nearby crewman - one who had been yelled at by Jericho just moments before - "Would you mind if we talked."

"Uh... Sure," the bald man said, not ceasing his work. 

The End

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