Jacer: Siblings

I looked from Eddy to Aster, confused at what they had been talking about as well. Had they reconciled the confusion with the Captain, then? I had seen Aster and the captain together, as well as noticed Edwina's feelings. From what I knew from my instincts, two women courting the same man, or a man courting two women, made the two women fight due to jealousy and anger. Well, it wasn't the first time I wasn't sure about something, so I decided to ignore the situation. Edwina didn't seem to be in physical or emotional danger.

"If you do not mind, Captain Jericho," I said, picking the best words to portray my own curiosity at the captains earlier offer, "I would like to learn how to operate this amazing machine." The captain let me know I had succeeded in saying something right by smiling widely. In truth, I did not find this airship to be any more amazing than any other airship, but I did not think that would make the captain feel any positive emotions. Also, I did not know too much about airships in the first place, so I still could come to believe the machine to be 'amazing.'

"Well, then," the captain said, still letting his smile show, "I think this will be interesting. Finding out how well our steaming friend here can fly." 

I realized that the steam around me had, indeed, built up. I quickly dispelled it with a wave of my hand and smiled at Edwina, who was now looking at me with a curious expression. I did not know if she was afraid I might fail and crash us, or if she maybe thought I could do better than the captain. I decided it would be interesting to see myself. 

"First, we have to go on this 'trip' though," Jericho said, finishing up his meal, "So be ready to head out!"

We all did just as the captain said. Edwina helped me with my clothing, as well as checking up on my body's status. This was odd for me, but I put up with it. Mainly due to the understanding that this was an important thing for me. If I wasn't maintained, I could cease to function. Before, I might have reacted badly to this, but now I understood. 


She looked up from sealing a piece of my skin on my chest. "Yes, Jacer?"

"When I woke up, you called me brother." I looked directly into her eyes, something I knew was supposed to be done when asking an important question and, to me, this was important. "Why did you call me brother?"

Edwina smiled before answering almost immediately. "Because my dad made you."

I was confused at this. "But, I thought it was you who made me?"

"Well... I finished you up, but my father was the one who made the plans and did most the work." My skin was finished and Eddy gave me a shirt to put on. "Think of him as your father as well."

"But, I am not related to you by blood."

"We are still made by the same man." She smiled and went to leave the room. "So, that makes us siblings."

I was still confused though. "Were you made like me?"

That... gave Edwina an odd look that I realized to be a blush. "Jacer, please stop asking questions. We are siblings, OK? That's all you need to know." With that, Edwina left the room. She had still been blushing, but I could not understand why. Blushing signified embarrassment. Maybe it was because she was embarrassed to think of her creation? 

I decided not to question it and put on my coat. It was time to meet the captain and leave to see his friend. I wondered if the captain would try to kiss Edwina on this trip like he kissed Aster. 

Somehow the thought made me angry.

The End

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