Jericho: It is Good to be a Pirate

We stepped off the bus and onto the streets of the city that never slept. Despite the fact that the moon was now high in the sky and the sky was completely dark, the streets were packed with people, and the streets were well lit with hundreds of individual lamps. I waved down a carriage that served as public transportation and fished a few coins out of my pocket.

"Take these people back to the airship bay, north tower please." I said in my broken Arabic. I helped Eddy and Aster into the car. "This will take you back to the ship. I'll catch up with you later." I told them, mostly talking to Eddy, who'd hung on my arm throughout most of the tour. I would have to try to let her down gently when the time came. Maybe when she was reunited with her father, then I could let her know she wasn't really my type. Jacer's face was still blank when he got into the car after the girls, which was really starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

Still, I smiled and waved as the car began weaving through the crowd in the general direction of the airship towers, before turning around and heading directly to a little place I knew just off the river...

"Jericho." A pretty brunette greeted me at the door, her thick, exotic accent nearly obliterating the syllables of my name.

"Hey Rebekkah," I replied casually. "How long's it been?"

"Too long, Captain." She said, grabbing the collar of my jacket and pulling me inside. Grinning, I kicked the door shut behind me as she began to come at me with all the ferocity of a tigress.


Some time later I left Rebekkah's house feeling much refreshed. I had been too long since since I'd been able to be a pirate, and that tomb had left me feeling entirely too uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

"Hey, Rebekkah, my ships up at the North Tower, why don't you come see it some time?" I asked as I walked out the door.

"You know how much I love to see your ship, dear Jericho," Rebekkah replied. "Perhaps tomorrow evening?"

"I look forward to it." I grinned and bowed dramatically, before heading back to the edge of town. On my walk I spied several of my crewmembers going into places of ill repute, and even got a few waves from the local girls, but I simply waved back and kept walking. I didn't know any of them as well as I knew Rebekkah. Still, it was nice to be known, and eventually I allowed myself to be lured in for drinks and dancing. That sort of thing.

It was nearly dawn before I got back to the Heliopause, and I managed to reach my cabin before completely succumbing to the night, and collapsing on my bed. Sometimes, it was so good to be the captain.

The End

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