Jacer: Fear

I watched as Jericho continued to measure my arms. I had nothing else to watch, really, so I found it normal to watch the captain. I still did not trust him, but knew I had no way of doing anything without the use of my arms. Maybe I could get some information out of him.


The man nearly jumped, or he seemed like he did. I was never sure with Jericho's mood or actions. He was either an oddity or very good at concealing the emotions. "You scared me there," he said, picking up my limp arm, "What is it?

I pondered on just what to say. What am I? No, I knew that now. Why was I made? No, I knew that too. What was it? What did I want to ask? My mind seemed jumbled beyond my understanding. I needed to ask a question, but the question evaded me.

"Why do I feel emotions?" I found myself asking. I knew it was because I was programmed to, yet something bothered me. There was an infinite amount of encounters. I knew this somehow. I also knew that no amount of programming could let something artificial feel for everything like I did. Maybe this captain could give me an answer. 

Jericho seemed in thought. He even stopped his measurements to rub his head, a normal action for one in thought. "I would guess it is because you have a human brain," he said after a few moments. Just as he said those words, Edwina and Aster returned with the parts they had been looking for.

"Jericho, we can handle this," Edwina said. 

"I am a mechanic, you know," Jericho said with a smile, "You don't land yourself an airship without knowing how to fix it."

Edwina looked nervous. Could it be that she didn't want Jericho touching me? I hadn't the faintest idea, but decided it was better not to ask. Edwina might become more upset than she already was.

"Don't you have to worry about the navy, though?" Aster asked. She seemed slightly worried, though not about me.

Jericho just shook his head, picking up a rod and placing it against my leg. Had I not had on the clothing I had been provided the night before, the metal might have been cold. Well, that wasn't true, really. I had not felt heat or cold yet. I still wasn't entirely sure what they were, but at least I now knew why I didn't feel them. 

And why I didn't eat or grow tired. An AI Unit... A being that is artificially made by people to perform certain functions. But, wait. I had a human brain. That made me something special, did it not? I realized the others were still speaking and decided to listen instead of thinking about my own body.

"...so he can finish up the disposal and cover our trail," Jericho finished, now over by where Edwina was. They seemed to be preparing a table now. 

Aster nodded when my sister told her something. As Aster approached, if hesitantly, she spoke up. "I need you to go lay on the table, Jacer." I nodded, making Aster breath a sigh of relief. A typical sign that a person had been nervous but now was not.

The table was large, but I still felt as if I would fall when I lay on it. 

"OK, Jacer, I am going to make you sleep for a little while," Edwina said in a sweet voice, her eyes still giving off some of her sadness, "You will be up before you know it."

I smiled, deeming it appropriate and necessary. "Do not worry, I am in capable hands," I replied. Edwina smiled at that. Aster came up to my right with a tool that resembled a knife and Jericho stood with a few metal beams in tow. He seemed excited, but Aster and Edwina were nervous. I looked to the ceiling, wondering when it would grow dark. Sleeping meant resting in darkness, did it not? I was curious as to how-

Everything went dark and, for the first time since I had awoke, I felt fear.

The End

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