Jacer's First Battle


That's what it was. Swords met other swords and pistols fired from both sides. It was a display of skill and violence, though I could not understand the meaning behind that description, as I was pulled down behind some machinery by Falme, disrupting my thoughts. He had still been cursing the entire time, but I paid him no heed. He was a good man, if a little unstable with his anger. No, my sight was once again on the battle unfolding. 

The captain of this airship was shooting his pistol in rapid succession. It seemed to only have six bullets, but he simply threw it back and pulled another one when he ran out. I was fascinated. With each bullet, a man from the other ship fell. Had they stopped working? Like my arm had?

I tried to move it once more, but to no avail. Maybe it was a timed thing? In that case, wouldn't the other men simply get back up?

To my right, I heard a loud thump. My sight was pulled away from the battle and I saw Falme laying on the ground, his face covered in red liquid. I somehow knew this was not good, but payed no mind to the man. I had realized something. Something important. Well, it SEEMED important. All I knew was that I could not let these men could not get near Edwina. 

I saw Jericho pull another pistol, only to lose it as his arm was hit with a blade from another man. The captain pulled his own blade and began fighting the other man. I didn't worry about Jericho, however, as my eyes were on the pistol that had slid over in front of me. I grasped the cool metal of the mechanism, feeling as if it were familiar. I could have sat there examining the gun, but a man passed me by, ignoring my existence.

Six bullets, right? I aimed at the man who had now started descending down to where my sister had been working. He had a blade and a gun. He was dangerous. My working arm pushed back as the gun fired. I was surprised at this reaction from the device, but more surprised that I had missed my target. The man ignored me, though, still walking to where Edwina and Aster sat. They were watching me, I realized.

My mind went off, calculations ran through my head. I did not know what was going on, but I dared not stop it. The man raised his gun toward Edwina and Aster. The wind blew strongly to the Northeast. The gun had a .05 tolerance on it's aim, based on what I saw. I raised the gun once more, using all the calculations to aim it.

Then I shot.

Something in my good arm snapped as the man fell to the ground, his head covered in red liquid as well. My arms were now both limp. One held a gun, the other a wrench. It made no sense, but Edwina running toward me took my mind from the matter. 

"Come on!" She shouted as Jericho shot another man with a stolen gun. His target had almost gotten too close to me. I would have to thank him later, though the reason I felt this way eluded me.

I followed Edwina and Aster as they led me below deck. She seemed worried. Aster seemed frightened, though not immensely so. "I knew I shouldn't have let him work!" Edwina yelled as they ran.

"I didn't know they would work him that hard," Aster retorted, "Let alone that he would shoot a guy!" She seemed shaken, if slightly. I decided no response was needed.

"Well, let's get him fixed."

I simply followed. Maybe Edwina was a surgeon. They fixed bodies. At least, that's what I thought they did. Some things were perfectly clear to me, such as emotions, but others I had found to be very vague. The gun... That had been both. Vague at first, but then extremely clear. Maybe I was remembering? Or maybe it was simply instincts, like everything else I knew at just the right time?

I ignored my thoughts as we entered a room labeled 'Repair.' I had not known I could read, nor did I know what reading was, but it appeared to be another of my instincts. 

"Tools, tools, tools..." Edwina said, leaving me near the door as she searched the room. I noticed for the first time that the room had several shelves in it that contained random metal constructions and parts. Behind me, Aster closed the door and ran to help my sister.

"How did he know how to do that?" Aster yelled to Edwina.

"Do what?"

"Fire a gun!"

Edwina stopped looking through a drawer and seemed thoughtful. "Maybe my dad programmed that brain..."

Aster looked incredulous as she walked over to Edwina. "How do you program a brain!?"

I then realized something. I don't know how it came to my realization, but it had. Maybe I was false, though it couldn't hurt to ask, I guessed. "Eddy," I said to my sister, "Am I different from other men?"

Both girls stared at me, then. 

The End

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