"Blasted aristocrat, thinks she can stand to trick me on my own ship." I mumbled, making my way to my own cabin, though I was buzzing with adrenaline and I had a few more questions about my new passengers, now sleeping soundly in their cabins on deck 2. I did finally have time to count handful of cash that 'Eddy' had given me, and it had totaled more than a year's worth of cargo hauling. She still hadnt told me where she planned to go though, and I had my doubts. I'd need to get her a dress or something though. I already sent clothes down to the man's cabin, since wearing nothing more than a coat was just not up to code in the windy climate of an airship, even though most of it was enclosed. 

"Take us over the Atlantic a bit, get us out of the sight of any flight paths." I said into the speaking tube in my room, which led up to the helm. The tubes were ingenious, low maintenance, and it really let messages traverse the ship quickly and easily. "Then park her above the sea and get some rest." I felt the ship turn, ever so slightly, and I stuffed the money into my strongbox, before leaving my room again, and checking the halls. I could hear the snores of the crew from the decks of hammocks, and some softer rustlings from behind the doors of the two female passengers, but silence from the third door. Frowning, I made up way toward the promenade and walked up front, where the deck railing met with the figurehead. Oddly, though there were no pipes up here, I could see the faint wisps of steam, coming from the area.

I came around the corner, where I came face to face with my third passenger, the one named Jacer.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked, expecting the man to jump, like he'd been caught doing something wrong, but instead he simply turned, and the steam vanished. A man who steamed like my ship's engine. These people were already full of surprises.

"Yes," He said simply. "It's... like nothing I've seen before."

"Nothing quite like it." I agreed, leaning on the railing. "But why aren't you asleep? You and your friends seem to have had a rough night."

"Why aren't you?" He avoided the question. He and Eddy were rather similar, I noticed, aside from their looks. They both had secrets, but were terrible at hiding that fact. I shook my head at the childishness of aristocrats.

"Somebody has to keep this junker afloat," I answered, patting the railing affectionately. "But anyway, breakfast is at 8 in the main dining room, head directly aft from here and follow your nose. You'll hear the bell when its time." I walked away, heading back toward my cabin, hoping that, after the walk, I would be able to get just a few hours of sleep before breakfast.

The End

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