Jacer's Instinct

The room, I decided, was magnificent. I did not know how I knew this, like everything else in the past few hours I knew, but I did. The bed was massive, the wardrobes and drawers had intricate designs, and there was even a mirror. The walls were far apart, creating a massive space for..... 

A mirror. 

I stood there feeling stunned. It was another first for me, yet unsurprising at the same time. In the mirror stood a man in a large brown coat. He had short hair the same color as my sister's and eyes that matched hers as well. Yet, he was tall. Very much so. And his body seemed to be very athletic. Which essentially meant this man was very well built. 

This man, I realized, was me. 

I checked my door to make sure the lock was secured. That was important for some reason. No one should see me when changing. I then removed my jacket, revealing my tanned skin in full. The mirror showed me for what I was. I knew who I was from my sister, of course. But it never dawned on me to discover what I was.

Then, after moments of examining myself in the mirror, I noticed something. My skin was getting lighter and lighter as I stood still. At first I thought it a trick of the eye. The mind plays tricks sometimes. It was another knowledge that confused me, but it was ignored in the face of this new discovery. It took a moment, but I realized what it was.


I tried moving around and found it interesting when my skin turned darker once more. After a while, minutes at most, the steam lightened my skin tone yet again. I did this several times before finally coming to a conclusion. I produce steam. How? I did not know. I DID know it was unnatural, but ever since I woke up all my events have been unnatural, or so I thought. 

Then again, the very act of thinking seemed odd to me.

A knock came to my door. Why would one knock on a door? Before I could ponder this, I got up and 'answered' the door knock. It seemed another of the uncanny facts I knew. A gruff man I did not recognize.

He shoved a bundle in my hands not even looking my way. "You need to change your image," he said in an odd way. It was the same words Edwina or Aster would use, but in a different manor. I decided to not question this and instead took the bundle and shut the door. 

Clothing. Something else I was still new to. I had only put on a jacket so far, but the pants, shirt, and vest that made up the bundle went on with ease. It was almost like an instinct. An instinct was a base function the brain knew without having to learn. That definition, I realized, must have been known on instinct as well. 

"At least my knowledge is explained," I mumbled. An odd thing, really. Why did one talk to oneself? Why did I care?

After a while, I grew bored. I had busied myself with basic functions, such as testing out my arms and body and examining the new environment that was my room. But, I wanted to see more. This was an airship. A machine that carried people through the skies with balloons filled with helium and engines that powered propellers. Maybe I would know more if I explored the ship.

This was a new mix of emotions. Curiosity and excitement. I might as well indulge myself, then. 

The hallway outside my room was quiet. I heard a faint muttering from the room my sister had disappeared into and some soft snoring from the room containing Aster. I felt for an instant that I should stay and guard Edwina, but ignored it. I would know when she was in possible danger. I did not know how I would know, but I would. 

The airship was massive. At first, I grew lost and confused, but after a while, maybe a few hours into my exploration, I started to learn the layout of the ship. Several times I was stopped by crew members, but they simply let me be once they saw my clothing. Maybe it was a mark of some sort? I did not know, but was grateful, whatever that meant.

At some point in my journey I found the front of the ship. It was a miraculous site, really. One that took my breath away. I stood confused for a moment on how I could lose my breath when I didn't seem to breath in the first place, yet was taken away once again by the clouds below and stars above.

I decided to spend the rest of the night outside until the sun rose. It was... pleasant.

The End

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