Eddy kicked the door once it was shut, I found it difficult to figure out her motives for doing it, but I decided not to let it bother me. I thought back to our mad dash to get here, my heart was still beating hard from the exertion.

The man, Jacer, had opened his eyes... Eddy had succeeded, and on top of that, Jacer could move and talk and had some knowledge of things. The frozen brain had done the trick! I gulped hard to swallow the bile that rose in my throat. Best not to think about the mechanics of it. Jacer wasn't a monster, he seemed alright, he was a little, blank, he seemed to watch everything without reaction, unless something was a threat to Eddy in someway, like right now.

Jumping out of my thoughts I realized that Eddy and the Captain were off a ways talking to each other, and Jacer was standing by me, looking at them as if he wanted to kill the captain. Maybe a bit of a monster... No, just over protective. I hesitated for a moment, then put a hand on Jacer's arm.

"She's alright you know." I said quietly. Jacer looked at me oddly, as if trying to read my mind. I continued,
"She can take care of herself, she has been for a while now. Why, Eddy can probably take better care of you and I than you can!" My voice got lighter, and I'd meant the last part as a joke, but Jacer scowled, an odd look for him. I was already used to his blank, emotionless gaze. I crossed my arms.
"Don't give me that." I chastised. The scowl left his face, and he looked again like he was trying to read my thoughts. He didn't say a word. I was starting to get a little creeped out, well more so. The whole dead guy coming to life and talking... Not my slice of pie.

Finally Eddy came back to us, she took Jacer by the arm, and I stepped back, relief flooding through me that I didn't have to submit to the scrutiny anymore. The captain, Jericho, I had heard him say, walked over to our small band.

"Welcome aboard the Heliopause!" He announced. "I'll show you to your rooms, follow me." and he strode off down a nearby hallway, Eddy and Jacer followed close behind him, I stayed back a few steps looking at the ship. Everything gleamed dark brown, I guessed it was some sort of metal, though some cloth and wood also showed the color. The metal walkways rang beneath our footsteps, I tried to keep mine as quiet as possible,with little success.

After a few minute, we came to several doors with numbers on them. Jericho flipped through a ring of keys that he had pulled from his pocket, and handed three keys to us. Each key had a number stamped on the stem, and was made of a highly polished metal, it seemed to match the coloring of the ship. I went to the door with thesame number as my key, it was next to Eddy's, Jacer had a room on the other side of hers. I inserted the key into the lock and turned it. It opened with a loud click and the door swung gently inward with a faint squeak. The room was gorgeous.

It hosted the same coloring as the rest of the ship, with deep blue accents. The outside wall was dominated by a large oblong window that could slide open onto a wide balcony, there were curtains on the window that matched the accent color. The middle of the room was dominated by a wide bed with a blue coverlet and white linens, there were mirrors on the walls the same size and shape as the window, giving the room space and light, a wardrobe bolted to the floor in the corner, or maybe built in, I couldn't tell, provided the storage space for the room. It was beautiful. I turned back to thank Jericho, but he was already gone, most likely to run the ship. I sat on the bed, looking at my surroundings. The dawn light was starting to lighten the room, already it was brighter than it had been when I walked in. I stood, and walked to the door, looking out to see where my companions were, it seems they were in Jacer's room, and it sounded like Eddy was explaining that she was next door, they were safe and the importance of sleep, as I heard that I stifled a yawn, I looked back at the bed, then to the door, then to the bed again. Making a decision, I closed and locked the door, placing the key on the table near the door, and pulling the curtains shut. I pulled my overdress over my head and fell into the bed in my chemise.

In seconds I was asleep, the stresses of the night finally catching up to me.

The End

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