I squeezed my eyes shut tight in a desperate attempt to calm myself down. Maybe when I open my eyes, we’ll be back in the lab like nothing happened, I thought. Cracking an eyelid open, I let out an angry growl and kicked the hangar doors which were now shut.

“Easy now, chap, my ship hasn’t done you any harm,” said the Captain of the airship, taking a warning step towards me. Before he could take another, Jacer had firmly planted himself between us.

To prevent a brawl I threw myself in front of him and looked him square in the eye. “I’m okay, Jacer. I shouldn’t have kicked his ship, but he wasn’t going to hurt me. Can you please stay with Aster while I have a word with the Captain?”

Looking dubiously from me to the captain, Jacer nodded stiffly before walking over to Aster, who didn’t look too pleased at being left alone. I jerked my head towards the opposite side of the room and Captain Airship followed me, not letting his facial features betray what he was making of the whole situation.

“Look, I’m really sorry for just barging onto your ship the way I did. We were in a spot of trouble and I didn’t see any other way out.”

“I know a thing or two about getting into trouble,” he said, eyeing my attire with a smirk. “What’s your name, fella?”

I extended my hand for him to shake. “The name is Eddy Olive.”

The captain laughed and took hold of my hand. “Not with these pretty little fingers, it isn’t. Tell me the truth or I’ll turn this ship around and let you lot fend for yourselves.”

Unable to tell whether he was bluffing or not I cast a worried glance over at Jacer, who was practically bouncing from his pent up urge to pummel this strange man. I had to protect him, no matter what it would cost me.

With my free hand I ripped off my tiny patch of a disguise and removed my hat, allowing my hair to fall free. “My name is Lady Edwina Meadowes; daughter of Jace Meadowes.”

All the humor left his eyes and he released my hand. “Of all the luck, I’m carrying a wanted aristocrat and her cronies. What were you running from anyway?”

“The police were after me because somehow they found out about my passion for science,” I said, unable to meet his eye. “Aster and Jacer were just in the way. I couldn’t leave them behind or they’d be arrested for fraternizing with me.”

“Well my name is Captain Jericho Retzel,” he said, eyes glinting as he scooped my hair into a bun with surprising ease and placed the hat back on my head. “Let’s keep your little secret away from the rest of the crew for now, shall we?”

I nodded and turned to rejoin my group when he stopped me. “Yes, Captain?” I asked.

“I’m letting you off for now, but I know you’re not telling me everything. Luckily for you, I enjoy figuring out people’s secrets.”

The End

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